Ascendant Characteristics

Characteristics And Personality Traits For Individuals Of Different Ascendants
There are some important factors that can affect the personality of an individual. They are the strength of ascendantascendantDefinition: Rising of a zodiac sign on the eastern horizon at the time of birth, placed in horoscope of a native, as 1st house is most important in calculation and prediction. ...
or Lagna, its lord, the planets having aspect on the ascendant, the position of planets and

ascendant ruler in astrological birth chartbirth chartDefinition: A diagram showing exact position of planets in signs at time of birth of an individual prepared with the help of time, date and place of birth....
or NavamshaNavamshaDefinition: In Indian Vedic astrology, this is the 1/9th divisional chart(varga),powerful and the most important of 16 charts(varga), mainly related to marriage prediction. Predictions are made through position of planets in various houses of Navamsha chart, quite similar to the judgments are given according to the position of planets in different houses in astrological natal charts. This chart is not used in western astrology....
and the constellationconstellationDefinition: A group of visible stars making a figure and visible at the night sky. Constellations(Nakshatras) are 27 divisions of zodiac, each measuring 13.20'. They are also termed as Lunar mansions (Nakshatra in Indian Vedic astrology). ...
in which the nativenativeDefinition: One who takes birth, this word is used for astrology purpose....
is born. These are some important factors which should be observed very carefully in astrology, as they play a very significant role in development of an individual’s personality. 

However, as each person’s astrological birth chart is a unique one, besides the above factors, the planetary strength, conjunction, results of transittransitDefinition: Movement of planets in the sky in real time....
and running major periods and sub-periods of the planets should also be taken into account before a prediction is made regarding a native's future.

The following details are general characteristics of different ascendants or Lagna, i.e. 1st house of the astrological birth chart, based on ancient text and modern study material, the predictions should be made very carefully keeping each and every important factor in mind.

Individuals having following Sun signs or Moon signs (Chandra Rashi) in their astrological charts may have similar influence on their personalities.


Persons born under AriesAriesDefinition: Mesha...
ascendant become pioneers. They are usually fond of learning and voracious readers.They are lovers of science and philosophy and strongly follow educational pursuits. Aries ascendant born persons are frank, aggressive, competitive, hardworking and  self-centered, when they have to achieve their goal. Aries ascendant persons would love to excel in whatever task they take as they have success oriented personality with lots of mental stamina. They love fashionable outfits with bright colors, and always look youthful.

The persons born under Aries ascendant have athletic body with attractive personality. They are tall and slim, with long and strong limbs. They generally have attractive face with beautiful eyes and good features. 

People born with Aries ascendant may excel in whatever field they choose as their profession, as they never compromise when their career comes into question. People born under Aries may hold top position in administrative civil services, police, military, state government or corporate office, they may be reputed businessman or sportsmen.

They are very honest in money matters and are generous in spending money but at the same time, they are extremely careful while spending money. They are straightforward and the style they usually talk in is curt and appears to be non-caring and ignoring but it is not true.They are very caretaking  individuals. Generally, their married life is believed to be peaceful and  happy. 

 Favorable planets: MarsMarsDefinition: Mangal...
and Jupiter or VenusVenusDefinition: Shukra...
if strong and well posited. One may get wealth through one's own hard work, high position in career.


People born under TaurusTaurusDefinition: Vrishabh...
ascendant are very good looking and stout. They have generally prominent features with beautiful eyes and mostly have a very fair complexion and curly hair. Women are mostly very graceful.

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The Taurus born people have an aptitude for business and are very talented in arts, music, science  and engineering  and they will excel in their career in these fields.

Persons born in Taurus ascendant are very fond of materialistic comfort. They are very opportunistic but not selfish as it seems to others. They love to eat good food, wear fashionable clothes and use costly cosmetics to look attractive.

They have very good intuition and sharp memory. They are very simple and soft-spoken persons and easily get influenced by rich and powerful people.

Sometimes they are very furious, if provoked, otherwise they are very peaceful. They have sensitive and amiable nature.

Persons born in Taurus ascendant will have very slow progress and have many obstacles in whatever they choose to do in their lives. Their early life is full of troubles if ascendant lord is debilitateddebilitatedDefinition: A planet posited in specific degrees in a sign with fall in power and energy is known as its debilitated sign This is the 7th sign from the sign of exaltation and opposite to exalted....
or occupied by maleficmaleficDefinition: Unfavorable, opposite of benefic....

If Taurus ascendant born persons have good combination of planets or possess Raj yoga i.e., a powerful and favorable combination, in their astrological charts, they will be fortunate,excel in the field of music, dance or film industry or they will hold high position in government or private sector and enjoy a good married life, as well.

However, in some cases they have trouble in married life, if their ascendant or seventh house is occupied by many malefic planets or they have adverse Mars (Manglik Dosha) in their astrological charts. To avoid this they should get their astrological charts properly matched by an intelligent and learned astrologer before deciding to get married or consult for remedies, if already married.

Favorable planets: SaturnSaturnDefinition: Shani...
and Mercury. During Saturn’s period, if Saturn is well placed and powerful, Taurus ascendant born people will reach to great heights and rise from poverty to prosperity and lots of wealth.  

There will be unexpected gains during ascending node(Rahu) period and Jupiter period will also give good results.

One may get wealth from one's maternal relations or father.


Persons born under GeminiGeminiDefinition: Mithun...
rising sign (Lagna) are often tall, very active, have wavering mind, impressive and adaptable personality, very intelligent and intellectual, quick walker, have very good physique, and  good looking face with hazel eyes and often their complexion may not be fair if the ascendant is afflictedafflictedDefinition: A planet having unfavorable aspect....
by malefic planets.

Gemini ascendant born people are intellect-oriented, always like to learn. They are experts and will excel in fields of science, mathematics, computer science and engineering provided Saturn’s influence is strong on the ascendant or Saturn is well placed in astrological charts.They may be scientists, engineers, computer engineers,writers or MBA from reputed institutions. Gemini sign is a dual sign, so persons born under this sign are extremely talkative and gossipy but at the same time they are intellectual, cool and sober. People may feel annoyed by their questions and their talkative nature. They will be wealthy and hold good positions in various fields, may be private or government.

 Their married life may be disturbed if seventh house is afflicted or there is no good combination of planets in birth chart. They will be required to have more passion in their life to lead a peaceful and happy married life. In general their married life is good. 

Favorable planets: MercuryMercuryDefinition: Budh...
and Venus. One may get wealth from one’s high position in career or through mother. Saturn may yield good results for them,if strong and well posited in a quadrantquadrantDefinition: One of the four sections of a horoscope, each bounded by two angles....
or a trine(Kendra or Trikona), as it is the 9th house lord (house for luck).


Those born in CancerCancerDefinition: Kark...
ascendant are very magnetic, tenacious, ambitious and most talented. They are very brilliant, enthusiastic, sensitive, imaginative, industrious, intelligent and sentimental. Cancer born persons are very creative and they have inclination towards art, history, sculpture and science and they may excel in these fields. They will be film stars, doctors, engineers, executives and hold respectable positions in government or private sector.

They are of changeable nature as the ascendant lord Moon always keeps changing. Sometimes they have full moon like face with large eyes, dark shiny hair and fair or very fair complexion. They are fond of dressing in latest fashion and mostly they are very handsome, if the moon is well posited. The women have very graceful personalities if the moon is well positioned and has good aspects.

The Cancer ascendant born persons are very talkative and love to eat sweets. They are very sentimental and so they are very supportive to others in their difficult times.

Saturn’s position in cancer ascendant itself will not yield good results for those born under cancer ascendant and they will get disappointed in love affairs and marriage. Proper matchmaking is required to avoid the problems.

If there is a good combination of planets in their astrological charts, their married life will be happy.

Favorable planets: Moon, Mars. One may get wealth from one's own career and high position.


The people born under LeoLeoDefinition: Simha...
ascendant have an impressive personality with majestic appearance, very slim and fine body and expressive eyes.

People are very ambitious, humble, generous, emotional, proud, virtuous, bold, powerful, confident and very aspiring. They are short tempered but full of enthusiasm. They are independent thinkers and have courageous nature. They are very good readers and are fond of studying science discipline and inclined towards art and excel in these streams. They possess the quality to adapt themselves to any condition in their life.

Sometimes, a Leo ascendant born person goes through many hardships.

If the Leo ascendant has bad combination of planets or tenth house is afflicted or both have bad aspects, the Leo ascendant person does not succeed in reaching his/her goal. In spite of hard labor, the native does not achieve the expected  career and as a result, gets disappointed and frustrated. They may be IT professionals,doctors, government officers or reputed businessmen. 

Persons born under Leo ascendant possess a well furnished and decent house and have good friends. They have lots of love and affection for their children and will love to take good care of their parents. They eat less and talk more.

If in a Leo ascendant born native’s astrological birth chart, the ascendant or tenth house or both have good combination of planets and are not afflicted  by malefic (unfavorable) planets, they will definitely enjoy high position and favor from government.

The persons born under Leo ascendant have good married life, in general.

Their married life will be happy if seventh lord Saturn  is well placed or seventh house has favorable influence of beneficial planets, in their astrological charts.

Favorable planets: Sun, Mars. The individual may get wealth through the high position he/she holds in the professional field.


People born in VirgoVirgoDefinition: Kanya...
ascendant are very fortunate. Their desire to become rich is mostly fulfilled. They are tall, slim and have beautiful expressive eyes, thick eyebrows, dark brown shiny hair and broad forehead. They are fond of good and trendy outfits and are always well dressed up.

Virgo is a dual sign so the persons born under this sign have two different types of personalities. They are very ambitious, talkative, emotional, fearless, self confident, aggressive, and sometimes dominating and love to use their power or intelligence where they can, to reach their goal.

They are sober, soft, full of sympathy in nature and always  ready to help persons in need.

 They are successful in the field of science, philosophy and management. They will have aptitude for art and music and may also excel in these fields. They can be successful as artists, musicians, scientists, managers, administrative officers or businessmen and they may hold high positions in government offices, as well.

Virgo ascendant persons will enjoy a happy and prosperous married life, provided, there is no combination of malefic planets in the ascendant or seventh house, or the seventh house has no aspect of malefic planets.

Mostly, the  persons born in Virgo ascendant are found to be very lucky in respect of their wives or husbands. They are  very well cared by their children.    

Favorable planets: Mercury, Venus. There is chance of getting wealth from their father or spouse, holding a high position.


Libra (Tula) ascendant people are very balanced in nature and are known for their calm temperament. Persons born under LibraLibraDefinition: Tula...
ascendant are short-tempered, sober, brilliant, intuitive, and they excel in reasoning, foresight and justice. Diplomacy, courtesy, hospitality, sociability and keen observation are parts of their personality. They are very honest, sincere, just and care taking persons, if the ascendant has beneficial aspect of planets, the position of planets is in exaltationexaltationDefinition: A planet posited in specific degrees with enhanced power and energy at its best. Opposite is debilitation....
or they are occupying their own houses. But if the ascendant has aspect of malefic planets like Mars, RahuRahuDefinition: Dragon’s head, used in Indian Vedic astrology....
or Saturn, they can deceive a person very easily, and even the deceived person would not guess his intention.

The Libra ascendant born persons are youthful, attractive,fair complexioned, slim, mostly tall, sometimes they are of middle stature, have fine expressive eyes, glowing skin, good physique and very good looking face with sweet smile, often with dimples.

Libra ascendant born people are blessed with wealth, good house and conveyance. They are very extravagant in nature and spend a lot on luxury. They love high standard of living. Some of the persons born under Libra ascendant may have problems or delay in having children but their children will be very caring and helpful to them in their old age.

There have been great leaders, who could even sacrifice their lives for the cause of the nation. The people born under Libra ascendant may be prominent leaders, judges, successful businessmen, computer professionals or working with corporate offices in high positions.

Domestic life of some of Libra ascendant born persons may suffer, if the ascendant or seventh house (house for married life) is afflicted by malefic planets or position of seventh house lord Mars is not good. Even if a Libra ascendant born person has problems in married life, he does not seek divorce and adjusts with the life partner, in all circumstances.

On the contrary, Libra ascendant born persons who have good combinations (yoga) in their astrological charts, will have no problems and they will surely enjoy a peaceful and contented married life.

Favorable planets: Saturn, Mercury. One may get wealth through hard work or from his/her spouse.


Mars is the ruling planetruling planetDefinition: Sign Lord...
of Scorpio. The persons born under ScorpioScorpioDefinition: Vrishchhik...
ascendant have strong robust body. They have youthful appearance, very gentle look, black hair and expressive eyes.

The Scorpio ascendant born people have generally very strong will. They are independent thinkers and have views of their own in different aspectsaspectsDefinition: Angular distances between planets, based on zodiacal longitudes, calculated in specific degrees, viz trine, square, represent relationship between two planets Planets generally influence 3rd, 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th house due to their aspect....
of life. They are very enthusiastic, reserved, mystical and obstinate. They are often unpredictable, fickle-minded and are likely to change their mind, all of a sudden in matters of loyalty, if their ascendant is afflicted or influenced by  malefic planets, the people who are in touch with such Scorpio born persons may not have a clue to what their real personality is like. 

On the contrary, if the ascendant has the aspect of favorable planets, like Moon, Jupiter or Venus or  these planets are in exaltation or occupying their own houses, the Scorpio ascendant born people will be sincere and decent in personality.They will be sensible, honest, simple, gentle, supportive, care taking, very loyal to the people and quite indifferent to money matters. One can easily find there is an extreme in both the cases and their personalities are totally different.

They are good correspondents and have no hesitation in making friendship with the people. They are proficient in business management fine arts, music and dance. They can be expert musicians, artists, dancers, writers, intellectuals, philosophers and businessmen. They are very talkative, good conversationalists, intelligent and often proud of their own intelligence.

Suitable careers for Jyeshtha sign born natives are leaders,detectives, Naval officer, athletes or sportsmen, forest officers, military or police officers, administrative or top government officers, telecom professionals, medical professionals.

In a Scorpio ascendant born person's astrological birth chart, if Venus, the seventh house lord is afflicted or seventh house itself is adversely posited by malefic planets, the married life will not be good due to temperamental differences with their spouse.

If the planetary combinations in the astrological charts are good and favorable, they will enjoy a very happy married life. In general person born in Scorpio ascendant will be married with a partner having handsome personality and will be lucky regarding her husband or his wife.

Favorable planets: Jupiter and Moon. One may get wealth through one's progeny or spouse.


The ruling planet of SagittariusSagittariusDefinition: Dhanu...
ascendant is Jupiter and persons born under this sign are generally sensible and of caring nature. They are notably tall with dark brown hair and attractive eyes. They are inclined towards gaining excessive weight, if the ascendant is afflicted or occupies a combination of malefic planets.

 They are often very religious and uphold conservative views and have sociable manners. But sometimes the way they talk, it appears as if they are businesslike persons. Financially Sagittarius ascendant born persons are very sound and so they are well settled in life.

The Sagittarius ascendant persons are brilliant, honest, humble, enthusiastic, trustworthy, religious and god-fearing. They can exercise full control over food and drinks. They are often misunderstood by others, unintentionally as they are not very careful while they talk.

The persons born in Sagittarius ascendant  are fond of acquiring knowledge in the disciplines of science, engineering or business management and they may excel in the same careers. They may be corporate officers, good businessmen or successful politicians. They enjoy traveling and exploration as their minds are constantly open to new dimensions of thoughts and they will be successful in these fields also.

Sagittarius ascendant born persons are good caretakers of their parents and children. Mostly their married life is happy and peaceful, provided seventh house or its lord Mercury is not afflicted by malefic planets in their astrological charts.

Favorable planets: Jupiter, Sun. One may get wealth through siblings or from one's own high position.


People born under CapricornCapricornDefinition: Makar...
ascendant are tall, slender, youthful and have attractive personality with prominent black and brown hair and thick eyebrows. They are often not fair in complexion, if the ascendant has the aspect of Saturn or Saturn is posited in ascendant itself.

Capricorn ascendant born persons are God-fearing, noble, gentle, very just, sincere, thoughtful, liberal and very strong minded people. They are modest and have gentleman behavior as far as business transaction is concerned. The fields in which they may excel are education, science, computer science, philosophy, literature and air force. They are often good politicians. They take every task seriously and are highly ambitious and determined.

They are sympathetic, supportive, generous and are full of spirit as far as their temperament is concerned.They can adapt themselves to any circumstances and prove to be very good spouse. Their married life will be happy and peaceful, generally, if the seventh house is not afflicted.

Depending upon the disposition of 9th house, the person born in Capricorn ascendant will have progress and achievements in his/her life. If the 9th lord Mercury is posited in a favorable house or forming a good combination (yoga) in the astrological birth chart, the progress will be rapid.                                  

Favorable planets: Saturn, Venus or strong and well posited Mercury. One may get wealth from one's own profession and high position. 


Persons born under AquariusAquariusDefinition: Kumbha...
ascendant are very tall, slim, attractive, have an athletic physique with thick and black hair and possess a pleasing personality and graceful appearance. They are self controlled, God-fearing, intuitive, brilliant, intellectual and kindhearted. They are quick-witted and can judge characters very well. They are very intelligent and are often proud of their own intelligence.  Some of them may feel they are always right. Often it is very difficult to understand them. Aquarius ascendant born persons are social and have a very friendly nature but are very choosy in making friends at the same time. They are generous and possess sympathetic and helping nature and always love to support people in need.

The person born under Aquarius ascendant will excel in medicine, pharmacy, finance, banking, engineering, teaching, administration and philosophy. They are fond of art and prove to be very good artists. They may become doctors, executives, politicians, industrialists and leaders of weaker society.

If the ascendant is afflicted, the Aquarius born persons are not contented with their possessions and often they get irritated because of this. On the other hand, the Aquarius ascendant born persons are very caring, lucky in all aspects and they get whatever they want in their materialistic life.They live happy, prosperous and contented lives.                 

Favorable planets: Saturn, Venus. There are chances of getting wealth from different sources through profession, property and business.


Persons born under PiscesPiscesDefinition: Meen...
ascendant are tall, slim, very fair, have beautiful face, expressive eyes and shiny hair. They have pleasant and adaptive personality. They are intelligent, enthusiastic, sensitive, active and very creative. Pisces born natives are very much inclined towards spiritualism and are kindhearted and God-fearing individuals.

They are voracious readers and love to study arts, science and engineering. They are independent thinkers and are reserved in nature. They feel that others should respect their opinion.

They are very ambitious and mostly achieve whatever they want in their lives. People born under Pisces ascendant, are helpful, generous and spend money freely but they are extremely careful in spending on right things only. They are affluent, well to do and lead a very happy and prosperous life. 

Pisces ascendant born persons may hold respectable positions in civil services, judicial services, consultancy, marketing, engineering, administration, science, computer science or they may excel in fine arts.

If the Pisces ascendant born persons have some good combinations of planets in their astrological charts, the natives will be blessed with good and amiable life partners and enjoy a contented married life.

If the seventh house of Pisces ascendant born persons is posited or afflicted by malefic planets, there might be slight disturbance in their married life. However, they can easily get rid of these problems by mutual understanding.

The persons born in Pisces ascendant have strong love, care and affection for their spouse and children. They have great respect and care for elders and are kind to those, in need. 

Favorable planets: Jupiter, Mars. A person may get wealth through his/her high position in career or from father.      

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