Tarot is also known as Trionfi, Tarocchi, Tarock. It is a kind of playing cards pack that is easy to learn, popular and most commonly used by many mystics and occultists to predict one’s future. The tarot cards initially were created to be used as playing cards in a game similar to modern day bridge during the 15th century. It is believed that Rich families in Italy created hand-painted or expensive artist made

pack of cards i.e. deck originally called “Carte da trionfi” meaning cards of triumph, but with the use of printing machines, cards are available at an affordable price. These cards consisted of pictures of suits of cup, swords, etc. Later on the queen and trumps (wild cards that are unique to tarot) were added to the playing deck which are 78 cards in total.

Minor Arcana :
Each tarot card deck consists of Minor Arcana and Major Arcana. Tarot's Minor Arcana is comprised of four suits: 
i) Wands ii) Cups iii) Swords iv) Pentacles. Each suit is made up of 14 cards, total, 56 cards, 1 to 10 numbers beginning with the Ace( number1), progressing through number 10 and concluding with four face cards cards:  Knight, Queen, King and Jack.There are 21 trump cards and 1 Fool card(most significant).
Each suit represents a significant theme with a particular approach to life.
Cups represent emotional well beings or emotion of  joy in one’s life,
Pentacles represent the insight to move in right direction to face worldly problems.
Swords represent one’s inner strength to face challenges.
Wands indicate bold call to action.

Major Arcana
Tarot card decks are comprised of 78 cards. They are divided into a Major Arcana (22 cards) and a Minor Arcana (56 cards). The Major Arcana card, is also called Trump cards(21) and  single card (1), known as The Fool, thus totaling 22. They  are important because they represent major life  events on  a larger scale.

 Beginners of Tarot card reading are advised to learn the meaning of these cards first. Major Arcana tarot cards contain picture cards.

 Major Arcana card starts from the beginning (the innocent, The Fool) to the end (The World, a card of completion).

Now before the reading is performed the individual who is supposed to receive the reading is asked to shuffle the cards. The individual is also asked to concentrate intensely on the issue which requires guidance while shuffling the cards. After the shuffling is completed and the deck has been cut the cards are laid on the table using a pattern called “spread”. The spread consist of many different types varying from those that include a single card to those that include all the 78 cards. The type of spread selected mainly depends on the type of question that has been asked. It is also observed that certain types of spreads might focus on more emotional matters while, some others might focus on influences of others. They are many types of spreads and they include Tetraktys, Double Cross and Triangle Spread, Celtic Cross Spread, Astrological Spread, Relationship Spread etc. One of the most commonly used spread is called the “Celtic Spread” ,which uses ten cards. This spread is very popular because it is designed to answer questions related to a wide range of aspectsaspectsDefinition: Angular distances between planets, based on zodiacal longitudes, calculated in specific degrees, viz trine, square, represent relationship between two planets Planets generally influence 3rd, 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th house due to their aspect....
in an individual’s life.

With the spread set up, the next step is the reading i.e. interpreting the meaning of the cards. The meaning is interpreted usually by the position of the cards in the spread. Apart from the position of the spread tarot cards also have meaning which includes The death which means the end, The Fool  means beginning, faith, innocent. While anyone can become tarot card reader by reading a large number of books , to become an official tarot reader one needs a certificate for tarot card reading course which are either available online or through Tarot card Reading institutes.These institutes hire Tarot card teachers in order to give knowledge of tarot card reading to those who want to learn.

In a life full of stress where people want to know their future, tarot reading prediction has become necessary for them . Tarot reading has provided a channel through which people can have a look into their future. Although it would be prudent not to have blind faith in Tarot card reading for interpretation because “Tarot Reading” after all is not exact science.


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