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Rahukalam/ Rahukal

Rahukalam or Rahukal, an inauspicious period of the day, is an important aspect of Vedic astrology. Rahu Kaal is different for each day (Var), and should be avoided for any auspicious work, event or travel. The Rahukaal time differs from place to place.

Rahukaal depends on the sunrise or sunset of that particular place. One has to convert the given sunrise from Indian Standard Time to Local Mean Time of the place, to obtain the exact Rahukalam period of that place, anywhere in the world.

There are eight segments of a Var (day), Rahu Kaal or Rahu Kala is one of these eight segments.

It is considered associated with the malefic or cruel form of God. Astrologers consider the Rahu Kalam period highly inauspicious.

The unfavorable effects of the inauspicious Rahukalam period

Performing auspicious events during Rahu Kaal may result as follows:

There are indications for unexpected delays, obstacles, failures, lack of success, sudden postponement of an undertaking, or negative results in all the efforts. It is better to plan before starting important activities.

The remedy for malefic effects of Rahu: If there is a delay in the marriage or conceiving due to the presence of Rahu Dosha, in Horoscope(Kundali), here is a remedy.

It is believed, that one should pray and light an ordinary lamp or lemon lamp by cutting a lemon into halves.

Turn the skin of lemon inside out of this lemon lamp, in front of the symbolic idol or image of Goddess  Durga during the Rahu Kala period.

One can get blessings from Maa Durga, by just trying to do this simple home remedy.

Daily Rahukal or Rahu Kaal chart 

The following table (Rahukal chart), for the inauspicious period of the day, is for general calculation from Monday to Sunday, on day to day basis.

Here the time of sunrise is 6:00 a.m.(I S T).

To obtain a more accurate daily Rahukal or Rahu Kaal Vela of the place, one has to do little calculation, by converting it into the Local mean Time of that particular place, if required.

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