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Maha Bhagya Yoga-A very auspicious Yoga/ combination

Maha Bhagya Yoga is an auspicious Yoga or combination. A person born with this Yoga has great fortunes, is blessed with fame, good looks, long life, caring life partner, success, popularity, reputation, status and enormous wealth.

This Yoga is rarely found in a person’s horoscope and he/she has great fortunes and enjoys prosperity, large properties, luxurious cars, mansions, and political power throughout life.

Maha Bhagya Yoga or Mahabhagya Yoga (combination) is a very auspicious Yoga. In Maha Bhagya Yoga, Maha means great, Bhagya means fortune and Yoga means combination.

Maha Bhagya Yoga occurs due to the position of all of these three – Sun, Moon, and Ascendant (Lagna) in a birth chart, either in even or in odd signs.

It is easy to understand if Maha Bhagya Yoga is really present in an individual’s birth chart with the help of the position of the above three in all the even or all the odd signs, and their time of birth, during the day or the night.

Maha Bhagya Yoga includes three important things, Lagna or rising Ascendant, and both the luminaries, Sun and the Moon, it means Ascendant, Sun and the Moon are important in Maha Bhagya Yoga.

All these are important as the Ascendant rules over the body, Sun rules over the Soul and the Moon rules over the Mind.

If these all are occupying odd signs, they are strong in the day, make a male’s horoscope strong, if born during the day.

On the contrary, if all these three: the Ascendant, The Sun and the Moon are present in the even signs, they are strong during the night, make a female’s horoscope strong if she is born at the night.

Results for a person born with Maha Bhagya Yoga

Maha Bhagya Yoga may vary in strength or power from person to person with the position occupied by beneficial or malefic (favorable or unfavorable) planets in the signs, present in the astrological charts.

One will be liberal and successful in life if this combination is present in his/her astrological birth chart.

Mrs.Indira Gandhi, former prime minister of India and Ashok Chavan, former chief minister of Maharashtra are some of the examples of celebrities born under Maha Bhagya Yoga.

As explained above, Maha Bhagya Yoga is formed in a different way in Male and Female birth-charts.

Maha Bhagya Yoga in Male astrological charts:

Maha Bhagya yoga is formed in the horoscope when a male child is born during day-time (i.e. between sunrise and sunset) and Sun, Moon, and Ascendant (Lagna or first house) occupy odd signs.

A native-born with Maha Bhagya Yoga is blessed with an amiable and good looking wife. He will be successful in attempts, gain through business or job in a corporate office.

A person who has such a powerful Yoga will enjoy name, fame, status, very good career, affluent wealth, houses, properties, luxurious vehicles, throughout his life.

Maha Bhagya Yoga in Female astrological charts:

The criteria for having Maha Bhagya Yoga in a female’s horoscope are different.

In the case of a female’s horoscope, the child is born during the night-time (i.e. between sunset and sunrise) and the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant (Lagna) occupy even signs.

Women born in Maha Bhagya Yoga are blessed with grace, success, enormous wealth, good career, a good spouse and great fortunes to self or her husband.

They are mostly lucky and have a very good husband and brilliant progeny.

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