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Constellations: Characteristics/ Influences/ Personality



The ruling planet of the constellations in the birth charts influences the characteristics and personality of the natives. It also influences appearance, mental abilities, health, wealth, success, and one’s desire to achieve goals in life.

There are twenty-seven constellations in the zodiac, each one has a name and this constellation’s characteristics influence a person’s personality.

Constellations: Characteristics and influences on one’s personality

In the zodiac, there are twenty-seven regular constellations. There is one more constellation (Nakshatra) Abhijit, thus a total of 28 Nakshatra.

Here is a brief description of the constellations, personality traits or characteristics, and influences on the personality of the natives born in different twenty-eight Nakshatra including Abhijit Nakshatra (constellation).

The results are nearly general and have to be modified according to planetary positions, their strength, and other planetary combinations present, in an individual’s astrological birth chart.

Constellations, their characteristics & influences

1. Characteristics of Ashwini Constellation

(0°-13° 20΄ Aries) Ashwini’s ruling planet is Ketu. Ashwini is the first constellation among all the twenty-seven constellations of the zodiacal moon sign.

Ashwini born has a strong personality with firm determination and cannot withstand domination.

Natives born under Ashwini are good-looking, well dressed up, independent-minded, strong-willed, skillful, popular, born leaders, clever and intelligent.

They are highly inclined towards a comfortable and luxurious life and they are lucky enough to get the same.

Suitable careers: Suitable career for an Ashwini-born native is a mostly high position in a government job, engineering, or forest services. After 28 years to 32 years, they will get a well-paved path.

2. Characteristics of Bharani Constellation

(13° 20΄- 26° 40΄ Aries) Bharani Nakshatra is ruled by Venus. The people born under this constellation are graceful.

They are desirous of new experiences in different disciplines, far-sighted, determined, happy, trustful, loyal, intelligent, creative, artistic, and obstinate. Persons born under Bharani hate extravagance.

If the horoscope is afflicted by malefic planets, the native will be cruel, wicked, haughty, ungrateful, notorious, or avaricious and his luck will be average.

Suitable careers for them would be astrologers, writers, surgeons, businessmen, administrators, and researchers.

3. Characteristics of Kritika Constellation

(26°40΄ Aries to 10°00΄ Taurus) Kritika is ruled by Sun. Kritika people are highly ambitious, determined achievers, truthful, wealthy, and very famous.

They have their own principles. Kritika-born native is a foodie, voracious eater, and hard working.

If their horoscope is afflicted by malefic planets, they will be straightforward, obstinate, and aggressive. They are unpredictable and must exercise control over their temper as they get frequently angry.

Suitable careers: Teachers, writers, architects, civil engineers, advisers, or heads of the organization.

4. Characteristics of Rohini Constellation

(10°00- 23°20΄ Taurus) Rohini is ruled by Moon. Rohini is the brightest star among all the 27 constellations.

Persons born under the Rohini constellation are very intelligent, charming, lovely in appearance, renowned, truthful, and have moral principles, and firm views.

They are well educated, financially well off, owners of many vehicles, and lead affluent life.

If necessary, they take advantage of others through manipulations to fulfill their desires, but such fulfillment will depend on the overall quality of the horoscope, in question.

They attract other people very easily, especially the opposite sex. It is also probable that some may indulge in extramarital affairs, but that purely depends on many other factors in an individual’s horoscope.

Therefore the predictions should be made only after a proper analysis of the horoscope. Generally, they are lucky in all matters.

Suitable careers: Entertainment fields, politics, high position in government or private office, industrialist, factory owner or business.

Suitable careers: Entertainment fields, politics, high position in government or private office, industrialist

5. Characteristics of Mrigashira Constellation

(23°20’ Taurus -6°40’ Gemini) Mrigashira is ruled by Mars. People are intelligent, very sharp-witted, skillful, clever, fickle-minded, sharp-sighted, energetic, impatient, aggressive, and impulsive.

Mrigashira-born natives take their own decisions and spend money very wisely. They may have many changes in their professional life.

Persons born in this  Nakshatra are fond of eating delicious food, and good clothing, successful in accumulating wealth and spending a life full of contentment.

If the native’ s horoscope is under the influence of a bad combination of planets, they are wicked, critical, unbalanced, unpredictable, talkative, live lavishly, and use curt language or biting conversation.

Suitable careers for Mrigashira-born natives: They achieve a high position in the administration, may own factories, or engage in real estate business.

6. Characteristics of Ardra Constellation

(6°40’ -20°00’, Gemini) Ardra is ruled by Rahu(dragon’s head). Ardra constellation-born persons get favors from politics. They are proud, intelligent, skillful and experts in the sale and purchase of things.

If a person is born with the malefic influence of planets in his horoscope, will be a dissimulator, arrogant, ungrateful, critical, and proud.

He/ she will be in extreme indulgence in luxurious life, voluptuous, impolite, sharp-witted, and avaricious.

Suitable careers: Politician, leader, mechanical engineer, factory owner, or businessman.

7. Characteristics of Punarvasu Constellation

 (20°.00’ Gemini – 3°.20’ Cancer)Punarvasu is ruled by Lord Jupiter. People are amiable, self-controlled, determined, generous, righteous, pure-hearted, caring, intelligent, virtuous, and social.

Those born in Punarvasu have a fair complexion and very attractive personality.

They are very religious people and would like to perform rituals with full devotion, have many changes in their life.

Punarvasu-born persons earn much wealth, manage to enjoy all materialistic comforts, and live a peaceful and contented life.

If their horoscopes are afflicted by malefic planets, they will have to face many obstacles and hardships.

Suitable careers: Drama, theatre, author, poet, government officer, Civil Engineer, architect, scientist, real estate, businessman.

8. Characteristics of Pushya Constellation

(3°.20’ – 16°.40’ Cancer) Pushya is ruled by Saturn. Pushya born people are intelligent, wise, virtuous, intuitive.

They are rich, religious, social, self-controlling, intelligent, creative, hard-working, sharp-witted, kindhearted, charitable, very talkative, wealthy and religious.

Pushya born are voracious readers,  expert in various disciplines, highly educated, talented in art, music, dance and a leading figure of the society.

They have very attractive personalities with fair or very fair complexion. Generally, they are born lucky and enjoy a luxurious life.

Suitable careers: Musicians, artists, doctors, ministers, politicians, hold a high position in corporate and government offices.

9. Characteristics of Ashlesha Constellation

(16°40’ – 30°00’ Cancer) Ashlesha is ruled by Mercury and is a Ganda Moola Nakshatra.

People born under Ashlesha constellation are dissimulator, intelligent, enthusiast, versatile, work hard to reach their goals.

They like to study in various disciplines and usually, they are well educated. They are generally very fair, attractive with curly hair and sharp features.

Ashlesha born persons are lucky and hard working. Though they face many hardships and challenges at the work front, achieve their desired goals and status through their hard work, dedication, and perseverance.

If their horoscopes have no beneficial Yogas (combinations) or their horoscopes are afflicted by malefic planets, they may be sinful, impolite, curt, very talkative, dissimulator, selfish, revengeful and short-tempered.

They do not get peace in family life and often have to stay away from their home, in early childhood.

Suitable careers: High positions in government or corporate office, engineers, musicians, writers, teachers, politicians, and businessmen.

10. Characteristics of Magha Constellation

(0° -0’ – 13°.20’ Leo) Magha is ruled by Ketu and is a Ganda Moola Nakshatra. Magha people are wealthy, intelligent, intuitive, amiable, very enterprising, industrious and fond of learning.

They set up goals of high pitch, often unreachable to their goals, if there are malefic afflictions of planets in their horoscopes. Due to this, they go under depression and get frustrated.

There are many changes in their career and life due to the effects of Gand Mool Nakshatra. Sometimes their desires are not fulfilled, and they are often very sad.

Magha people are kindhearted, have a helping nature, and are liked by many people. Magha constellation-born people will have multiple careers and many changes in life.

Suitable careers: Historians, managers or head of corporate offices, judges, teachers, and businessmen.

11. Characteristics of Purva Phalguni Constellation

(13°.20′ – 26°.40’ Leo) Purva Phalguni is ruled by planet Venus.

Persons born under Purva Phalguni are liberal, loyal, handsome, youthful, have an attractive personality, good speech and like to travel to many places with their spouse.

Persons born in Purva Phalguni are sincere, loyal, generous, creative, refined, very intelligent, and talented in many fields.

They have an impulsive mind, mostly achieve what they want and love to live a comfortable and luxurious life due to the influence of ruling planet Venus.

They spend carelessly and as a result, often increase the debts.

Suitable careers: Professors, Businessmen, politicians, engineers, high position in corporate or government offices.

12. Characteristics of Uttara Phalguni Constellation

(26°40’ Leo – 10°00’ Virgo) Sun rules Uttara Phalguni. Uttara Phalguni people are happy, intelligent, popular, loyal, noble, sensible, have a friendly nature and attractive personality.

They are brilliant like the Sun and earn lots of name, fame and wealth and live a contented and luxurious life.

Persons born in Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra are materialistic persons, generally fortunate, possess the self-acquired property, most of their desires are fulfilled.

If the horoscope of Uttara Phalguni native is afflicted by malefic planets, they will be arrogant or obstinate.

Career interests: Astrologers, Scientists, mathematicians, professors, businessmen or high position in government offices.

13. Characteristics of Hasta Constellation

(10°00’-23°20’ Virgo) The ruling planet of Hasta is Moon. Hasta constellation born people are intelligent, enterprising, generous, pleasant, polite, social, humorous, self-reliant, skilled and determined to achieve their goals.

Hasta born people are pure-hearted, ambitious and earn much wealth by their intelligence and abilities.

If individuals have afflicted and malefic planets, in their horoscope, the growth of wealth will be late; he/she will be cruel and will have pilfering habits.

Suitable careers: Artists, musicians, astrologers, industrialist, ministers, advisers or government officers.

14. Characteristics of Chitra Constellation

(23°20’ Virgo -6°40’ Libra) Chitra’s ruling planet is Mars. Chitra people have beautiful eyes, charming looks, attractive personality and they are equally clever and brilliant.

They are well dressed up, enthusiastic, born leaders, social, self-centred, arrogant, liberal, well versed in many arts and powerful writers. The far off places are more suitable for their growth and good fortune.

Suitable careers: Good businessman, authors, film or television artists, musicians, dancers, architects, interior designers, defense persons or judges.

15. Characteristics of Swati Constellation

(6°40’- 20°00’ Libra) Swati’s ruling planet is Rahu. Swati people are blessed with sweet speech, quiet nature, generous, merciful, skillful, efficient, virtuous, and clever in trade and business and compassionate.

Swati constellation born people are full of energy and talented in multiple spheres.

If their birth chart is afflicted by malefic planets, there is an increase in expenditure and debt is created. The goals they set, are too difficult and high-pitched, to be achieved.

Suitable careers: Successful businessman, judges, lawyers, employment in sales, transport and stock business.

16. Characteristics of Vishakha Constellation

(20°00’ Libra- 3°20’ Scorpio) Vishakha’s ruling planet is Jupiter. Vishakha people are attractive, good in appearance.

They are intelligent, talkative, clever, wealthy, avaricious, materialistic and generous. They destroy their opponents very tactfully.

If the individual’s horoscope is badly afflicted by malefic planets, Vishakha constellation born persons are clever in speech, quarrelsome, outspoken, avaricious jealous of others’ success.

They manipulate things to meet their own goals and will do everything to get wealth.

Suitable careers: Artists, scientist, mathematicians, writers, leaders, politicians and lawyers. White colored objects are favorable for business.

17. Characteristics of Anuradha Constellation

(3°20’-16°40’ Scorpio) Anuradha’s ruling planet is Saturn. Anuradha constellation born people are intelligent, wise, dynamic, energetic, quarrelsome, talkative, hard working, leaders.

They fond of traveling, earn living by working at far off places from their place of birth, achieve their target with hard work and earn enough of wealth.

If their horoscope is afflicted by malefic planets, they are addicted to certain vices or immoral practices and unable to control their hunger.

Suitable careers: Anuradha Nakshatra born natives may work in a magisterial office, organizing events and talent shows.

They can be managers, scientists, pharmacists, dentists, engineers, criminals, lawyers,  usually have traveling jobs.

18. Characteristics of Jyeshta Constellation

(16°40’-30°00’ Scorpio) Jyeshta constellation’s ruling planet is Mercury. Jyeshta constellation is called Gand Mula Nakshatra. People born under Jyeshta constellation have few friends and a strong and healthy body.

They are charitable, creative, enthusiast, very brilliant, most successful among their family members, get an honoured position, eventually wealthy, talkative, have few friends.

If their horoscopes are afflicted with malefic planets, Jyeshta born persons have angry or annoying nature, become easily irritable, keep secrets and unable to show their feelings and intentions easily.

Early life is troublesome, but the second half of their life is usually better. They may have many job changes and often have family problems in life.

Suitable careers: Managers in corporate or government offices, military or police officers, intellectuals, professors, leaders, ministers, and traders.

19. Characteristics of Moola Constellation

(0°.00’-13°20’Sagittarius)Moola is ruled by planet Ketu. This Moola constellation is a Gand Moola Nakshatra (constellation).

Those born under Moola constellation are haughty, good speakers, adventurous, curious, proud, wealthy, fortunate and fond of luxurious living. They are brilliant, enthusiast and determined to reach their goals, by all means.

If the horoscope is afflicted by malefic planets, they will be arrogant, fickle minded, selfish, will have troubles in their married life.

Suitable careers: Politicians, ministers, doctors, engineers, researchers, lawyers, officers holding high positions in corporate.

20. Characteristics of Poorvashadha Constellation

(13°20’- 26°40’-Sagittarius) Nakshatra Poorvashadha is ruled by Venus. They are good in appearance, intelligent, polite, proud, wealthy, steady, have good managing ability and influential personality.

Those born in Poorvashadha are of cool temperament, think of others and quite self-respecting.

They are fond of tasty food and different kind of drinks, good looking and have an amiable spouse. They love to travel with their spouse, whenever they get time.

Suitable careers: High position in government or corporate office, engineers. They will have agricultural farms and gain through business in agricultural or liquid products.

21. Characteristics of Uttara  sadha Constellation

(26°40’- 10°00’ Sagittarius – Capricorn) Ruling planet of Uttarashadha Nakshatra is Sun.

Uttarashadha people are helpful, amiable, intelligent, creative, virtuous, polite, pioneer, popular, grateful by temperament and hard working. Those born in Uttarashadha are very religious people and have many friends.

If the horoscope is afflicted by malefic planets, they are self-centered, egotistical, angry, obstinate, dominating, early life troublesome, obstacles in marriage, many times changes in jobs and residences.

Suitable careers: Researchers, hunters, doctors, engineers, officers holding a high position in the private sector, defense or government jobs.

22. Characteristics of Abhijit Constellation

(6.40′-10.53′.20 Capricorn). Abhijit, a masculine but not a regular nakshatra is considered an auspicious Nakshatra.

People born with Abhijit Nakshatra are victorious, highly educated, respectable, dignified.

They hold a high position in government or political field or have an independent profession and spend life like a king.

Their early life may have many ups and downs. Generally, they marry at an early age and their marital life is good.

23. Characteristics of Shravana Constellation

(10°00 – 23°20’ Capricorn)  Twenty-third Nakshtra Shravan is ruled by planet Moon. Shravan constellation born people are intelligent, rich, peaceful, liberal, renowned, energetic, honest, sensible, fair.

They have a dominating personality, often not very tall. They are generous, humble, virtuous, god fearing and caring people.

Persons born in Shravana constellation have a large heart and donate literally for public welfare and have a knack for adapting themselves to all circumstances and are noted for their strong will power.

Women born in this constellation are very efficient and have generally good household administration. Shravan constellation born people have proficiency in many disciplines. Their interests are diversified.

Suitable careers: Literature, education, music or science teacher, lecturers, researchers, scholars, and scientists.

24. Characteristics of Dhanishta Constellation

(23°20’ Capricorn – 6°40’ Aquarius) Dhanishta is ruled by Mars. People have a tall and lean body, generally. They are wealthy, courageous, intelligent, skillful, sharp-witted, fearless and undaunted.

Their early life is troublesome but they put up a good fight against hardships, with their competence and ability to achieve their goals. They are fond of instrumental music, especially drums.

People born in Dhanishta constellation like to be busy in some work and are very active and energetic, they are highly ambitious, determined and try their best to achieve their goals.

If the planets in their horoscope are beneficial, they will certainly achieve their goals and earn much social reputation.

They are aggressive, dominating by nature due to the influence of ruling planet Mars. They are very good managers and manage to accumulate wealth, finally.

Suitable careers: Astrology, engineering, machinery, electricity, investing in business in land, property or agriculture, holding a high position in government or corporate office.

25. Characteristics of Shatabhisha Constellation

(6°40’- 20°00’ Aquarius)Twenty-fifth Nakshatra Shatabhisha is ruled by planet Rahu. Those born in the Shatbhisha constellation are adventurous, irreconcilable, polite, truthful, supportive, soft, generous, are mostly tall.

They are good people by heart, and help the needy but are often misunderstood by their close ones. They are very attached to their family. Sometimes, they get into trouble with the opposite sex.

Occasionally stubborn, they often get aggressive while talking and usually have a hot temperament. They are daring and do not like to be a subordinate.

If their horoscope is afflicted by malefic planets, they are clever, sharp-witted, expert diplomats. They have a knack for fooling others, love to become rich, at the earliest and are often involved in fights due to their warm temperament.

Women are bold, intelligent, and intellectual. If their horoscopes are afflicted by malefic planets, they often hurt people with curt language and think that they are always right and others should follow them.

They are dominating and irritating by nature. Either the relationship with their in-laws is not good or they face troubled married life.

Suitable careers: Doctors, scientists, researchers, dealing in property and technological fields.

26. Characteristics of Poorva Bhadrapada Constellation

(20°00’ – 3°20’ Pisces) Poorva Bhadrapada is ruled by Jupiter. These people get a beautiful and amiable wife. Those born under this constellation are wealthy, miserly, clever, skillful, sharp-witted, have high self-respect, and balanced but sorrowful persons.

Mostly, Poorva Bhadrapada-born persons have a very decent personality, they are very sensitive, under the control of their spouse, and often called, henpecked by others.

Persons are gentle, kindhearted, care-taking, and good human beings. They are intellectuals, well-educated and voracious readers, and their father is considered lucky.

Poorva Bhadrapada women have slim and middle-stature bodies, good appearances, and gorgeous personalities.

They carry their moral values with them and are peaceful persons. Growth in life is indicated after 23rd years of age. If the horoscope is afflicted by malefic planets, separation from the mother at an early age is indicated.

Suitable careers: Astrology, teaching, research, business, and engineering.

27. Characteristics of Uttara Bhadrapada Constellation

(3°20’ – 16°40’ Pisces) Uttara Bhadrapada is ruled by the planet Saturn. These people are polite, generous, charitable, merciful, happy, self-reliant, sensible, good speakers, and wealthy.

Uttara Bhadrapada born are balanced person, good advisers, solve problems of others, have helping and sacrificing nature.

Uttara Bhadrapada persons have their own set of principles and they are career-oriented persons.

They are most successful among their family members and hold high positions in government or corporate offices, though they are more fortunate in faraway places from their homes.

These people may get less favor from their fathers. If the horoscope has favorable planets, their married life will be peaceful, and will have caring and sensible children.

Suitable careers: Engineering, charitable work, business in export-import, manufacturing, machinery, or holding a high position in a corporate office.

28. Characteristics of Revati Constellation

(16°40’ – 30°00’ Pisces) Revati Nakshatra is ruled by planet Mercury. Revati nakshatra is the 27th, a Ganda moola Nakshatra and the last constellation of the last Zodiacal Moon sign.

The persons born under Revati have very attractive personalities with very sweet smiles. Revati constellation-born people are tall and possess a symmetrical body.

They are brave, courageous, healthy, honest, ambitious, intelligent, skillful, clever, and stubborn.

Those born under Revati, have their own principles and they stick to them. Whatever the circumstances are, with their strong willpower, they achieve their goals and prosper in their life.

They are sociable and popular among their friends. Generally, they are good human beings, they are very supportive and religious persons and strongly believe in traditions.

If there are favorable aspects of planets in their horoscope, will get their desires fulfilled after 32 years of age.

Revati-born natives overspend their money to gain through business, without caring about their future and compromise in all circumstances.

Persons born in Revati are more successful in their careers, in faraway places from their home, and often they settle in foreign countries and prosper.

Suitable careers: Engineers, businessmen, industrialists, high positions in a corporate office.

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