Rahukalam or period of Rahu is a very important aspect of Vedic astrologyastrologyDefinition: The study of the influence of celestial bodies on earth....
and one is recommended to avoid this certain period for any auspicious work, event, especially a new undertaking. Rahukalam is different for each day of the week.

It changes according to the day of the week and it is calculated with the help of time of sunrise and sunset of that particular day. The time of Rahukalam differs from place to place and it depends on sunrise or sunset of that particular place. One has to convert the given sunrise from Indian Standard Time to Local MeenTime of the place, to obtain the exact RahukalamRahukalamDefinition: Rahukalam or Period of Rahu is different for each day and it should be avoided for any auspicious work or event....
of that place, anywhere in the world .

The following table of Rahukalam is given, for general calculation from Monday to Sunday, on day to day basis, here the time of sunrise is 6:00 AM(I S T). More accurate Rahukalam of the place can be obtained with little calculation, by converting it into Local Meen Time, if required.

Chart for daily Rahukalam


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