Jupiter’s transit in Virgo in 2017 on various signs

Jupiter is planet of hope for all human beings, essence of knowledge, justice, good fortune, auspicious events, marriage, birth of children, grandchildren, political power, status, fame, all round prosperity and governs digestive system. Jupiter entered in the sign VirgoVirgoDefinition: Kanya...
on August 11,2016. Jupiter will start moving retrograderetrogradeDefinition: When a planet is considered moving backwards in astrology A retrograde planet has less energy or strength....
from February 6, 2017 will be in direct motiondirect motionDefinition: opposite to retrograde motion....
from June 9,2017 will remain there in Virgo till September 12, 2017.

This is considered an important astrological event as major events do take place when Jupiter (Guru), leader of all the planets, a powerful, natural beneficbeneficDefinition: planets having natural beneficial and positive influences, opposite to malefic....
and auspicious planet, transits through dual sign Virgo. Jupiter blesses people with gain of knowledge, wisdom, good and higher education, wealth, political power, success in business, career, promotion or change in job, buying of a new home or property, starting a new business, foreign travel, all round prosperity, birth of a child, settling marriage of self or children. Jupiter transittransitDefinition: Movement of planets in the sky in real time....
from natalnatalDefinition: Birth, natal chart is used for birth chart....
moon sign(Janam chandra rashi) is considered more important than Jupiter transit from an individual's ascendantascendantDefinition: Rising of a zodiac sign on the eastern horizon at the time of birth, placed in horoscope of a native, as 1st house is most important in calculation and prediction. ...
(Lagna). One should see transit results from both birth moon sign and ascendant present in the individual's horoscopehoroscopeDefinition: synonym birth chart, prepared with date, time and place of birth of an individual....
before making any judgment.

Want to know Jupiter transit in Virgo(Kanya) in 2017 is favorable for which signs?

Signs under benefic effects of Jupiter transit in Virgo (Brihaspati Gochar in Kanya Rashi in 2017) are as follows:

During Jupiter's transit in dual sign Virgo, i.e. the period from August 11, 2016 to September 12, 2017, may be considered favorable for Virgo( in 1st house) LeoLeoDefinition: Simha...
(in 2nd house) GeminiGeminiDefinition: Mithun...
( in 4th house)Taurus (in 5th house) PiscesPiscesDefinition: Meen...
(in 7th house) CapricornCapricornDefinition: Makar...
(in 9th house) SagittariusSagittariusDefinition: Dhanu...
(10th house) and ScorpioScorpioDefinition: Vrishchhik...
(in 11th house) from birth moon sign (Chandra Rashi) or ascendant. In other houseshousesDefinition: These are twelve sections of zodiac circle having 360° numbered clockwise Ascendant is known as the first house and the last house is known as the twelfth house Each house represents specific traits used for prediction....
it is either neutral or malefic. 

Good effects: Jupiter’s transit 2016(Guru Gochar) will be benefic in dual sign Virgo. Jupiter and RahuRahuDefinition: Dragon’s head, used in Indian Vedic astrology....
conjunctionconjunctionDefinition: Within 8 degrees of arc....
(Guru Chandal Yoga) is no more. SaturnSaturnDefinition: Shani...
transiting in Scorpio will have no aspect on Jupiter. If Transit of Jupiter is benefic for a native, one may rise to great heights and will be blessed with better status, political power, name and fame.

Individuals may get married or their marriage will be finalized. There may be gain through job or new ventures, the natives will find different kinds of new openings. Chances of marriage of self or children will increase. One may be blessed with a newborn child or grandchild.

Bad effects: Those who are having trouble in married life will be separated or get divorced during Jupiter’s transit, if waiting. There may be financial loss or hardships in accomplishing the work smoothly.

Rahu is posited in the sign Leo (Simha), aspected by Saturn from the sign Scorpio, maleficmaleficDefinition: Unfavorable, opposite of benefic....
effects will be increased till January 26, 2017.The influence will be experienced less or more according to the benefic or malefic transit of Sun and Mars.

There will be unrest, increase in riots and conflicts between people of different communities and religions, creating warlike situations in different parts of India and the world,as well. More earthquake tremors  will be experienced in the world, during the transit of Jupiter in dual sign Virgo.

Signs under malefic or neutral effects of Jupiter's transit in Virgo in 2017 are as follows:

Aries, Cancer, Libra, Aquarius.

The natives born in above moon signs or ascendants must follow remedial measures, prescribed by a learned astrologer to minimize the malefic effects of Jupiter.

Jupiter will give only neutral results and not produce favorable results when retrograde or in combustion. Jupiter is moving retrograde from February 6, 2017, will be in direct motion from June 9, 2017 in Virgo.  People will experience the long awaited beneficial effects, if Jupiter's transit is favorable in their birth charts, during Jupiter's direct motion in Virgo.

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Effects of Jupiter transit in Virgo in 2017(Guru Peyarchi Palangal 2017) for Kanni Rasi) on various signs from radical moon or ascendant

Jupiter or GuruGuruDefinition: Jupiter....
is a natural benefic planet or Shubh Graha, will give good results for most of the signs during its transit in Virgo, Jupiter's transit is considered natural benefic planet and if the other planets are also well placed and powerful in the natal chart of the individual, results will be more favorable. Read more in Guru chandal Yoga.

  Certain balancing transits of other planets that obstruct the power of Jupiter transit to do good are called obstruction houses or obstructive points or Vipreet Vedha points in Vedic Indian astrology, may do adverse during Jupiter's transit. I have tried to discuss about these Vipreet Vedha points or obstructive houses under the heading:  Obstructive points or Vipreet Vedha points that obstruct the power of Jupiter in this article.

 Though very important, transit results of planets are only a part of prediction, more or less, based on intensity of various planets’ power to do favor or not, during their transit through different signs from the individual’s radical moon(birth Moon sign) or ascendant but for more accuracy,final judgment should be given by a learned astrologer after examining placement of the planets, their strength in the birth chart, periods and sub-periods (Mahadasha and Antardasha) favorable or unfavorable, running in one’s natal horoscope and progressed (annual) horoscope of that year.

On June 9, 2017, Jupiter will be in direct motion in zodiaczodiacDefinition: Heaven divided into 12 signs, of 30° each....
sign Virgo, in the dual sign. Natives who might face problems during the retrograde transit of Jupiter from February 6, 2017 in the sign Virgo, will feel relief after four months due to the direct transit of Jupiter from June 9,  2017. Those individuals who have a powerful and benefic Jupiter in their birth charts and if their progressing planetary periods (Mahadasha and antardasha) are also benefic, the direct transit of Jupiter will prove an excellent period for them. Jupiter will finally transit in LibraLibraDefinition: Tula...
on September 12, 2017.

Prediction results for love, relationship or married life and transit effects of Jupiter transit in sign Virgo(Guru- gochar 2017 in Kanya Rasi) in 2017 on different moon signs or ascendants:-

Jupiter entered into the sign Virgo on 11th August,2016. Jupiter will become retrograde for four months from February 06, 2017 to June 09, 2017, will be in direct motion from June 9, 2017. Jupiter will be moving finally in the sign Libra on September 12, 2017 from sign Virgo.

Jupiter is known for hope, knowledge, higher education prosperity, political power, blessings for marriage of self or progeny and birth of a newborn child or a grandchild.

 Jupiter's transit in Virgo in 6th house for Mesha or Aries:

Favorable results:  Jupiter will transit in 6th house from your birth moon sign or ascendant. During   Jupiter’s transit in Virgo, the natives of AriesAriesDefinition: Mesha...
will taste success in any kind of undertaking. So, if you are looking for a professional change, go ahead and work hard, as this period may prove to be beneficial and you may get positive changes especially for job oriented persons,though delayed. You will also feel a great sense of relief as your debts will start clearing. You will do well in competitive examinations.

This transit will not be so good for love and relationship and marriage, as Virgo being a dual sign may cause confusion in the mind of your partner. There may be problem in finalizing the marriage.

Unfavorable results: Unfavorable transit of Jupiter in Virgo from August 11, 2016 may make things harder as Jupiter’s transit in 6th house is not benefic. Domestic unhappiness, unexpected disputes in the family, increase in expenditure or enemies and obstacles in undertakings may be predicted for some of Aries sign born natives.

Avoid taking loans from banks. If you do not have problems in your birth charts,as a result of the adverse effects of Mahadasha or Antardasha of planets, in progress, things will not be so bad for you. The need to improve your self-confidence and increase efforts to achieve success in your career. Some people will try to create obstructions in your undertakings.

Jupiter’s transit in Virgo in 5th house for Vrishabha or Taurus:

Jupiter's transit in Virgo in 2016 will be in 5th house from your birth moon sign or ascendant. Jupiter is lord of one of your auspicious house (11th) for you. But Jupiter is also lord of malefic 8th house, so there might be some health issue. Proper health check up is therefore recommended. You should go for regular medical checkup, if running Mahadasha or Antardasha is malefic during the transit.

 Transit of Jupiter in 5th house will be positive and produce favorable results for most of natives born in Taurus. People born under the TaurusTaurusDefinition: Vrishabh...
sign will be provided with some much needed relief after facing so many problems due to Guru Chandal Yoga in 4th house. As Jupiter is transiting in a benefic house in Virgo, education prospects of children will be better from August 11, 2016. There will be unexpected gains and excellent growth in various spheres of life in coming days.

Favorable results: Some of the favorable results, Taurus natives may experience are as follows:
Favors from officers in higher position or superiors, association with reputed people and gain through them, success in undertakings, increase in all round prosperity, success in education, purchase of luxury items,  property, auspicious events at home or other long awaited desires may be fulfilled.

If unemployed you will get job or start a new business. Aspirants for educational or sports competition will be successful.Those want to go to abroad country for further studies will be successful during this transit  Change of place is also indicated. You may get promotion in your present job. Financial gains through business or increase in salaried income may be predicted. Relationship with your progeny will improve during the Jupiter’s transit.

Love, relationship and married life related matters are favorable for Taurus born natives. This year is one of the most favorable years for those who want to get married. Jupiter will be transiting in 5th house in Virgo after August 11, 2016 and remain there till September 11, 2017. Those want to get married, may find suitable match this year and some may get married during the transit of Jupiter in Virgo. One may be blessed with the birth of a grandchild during Jupiter's transit in the 5th house. Chances of birth of a grandchild can also be predicted for those who are waiting to hear the good news from their progeny.

Running of planetary periods (Mahadasa) sub-periods (Antardasa) and progressing annual horoscope must also be benefic for getting more positive results.
Unfavorable results: None

Jupiter's transit in Virgo in 4th house for Mithun or Gemini:

Jupiter is lord of 7th and 10th house for Gemini natives. Jupiter’s transit will take place in 4th house (house of peace, property, and mother), so you will get beneficial results in your professional life.

Favorable results: You will achieve good results of your efforts and hard work in form of a promotion. Jupiter's transit in Virgo in 2016 will bring good luck to you if you want to change your job or place of work. You will associate with people in high position, which may enhance your status. You might buy a luxury car or house.

 For love relationship and marriage,this transit is favorable one. Jupiter will be transiting in 4th house in Virgo after August 11, 2016 and remain there till September 11, 2017. Some of you may find suitable match this year and get married.

Transit of both Saturn and Jupiter is good for individuals born in Gemini sign, however, some of them may face hardships in love, relationship or married life after Jupiter enters in Virgo on July 11, 2016. You may conceive or you will be blessed with the birth of a newborn baby, if you have deep desire to have one, during the Jupiter’s transit in 4th house.

Unfavorable results: For some there may be disgrace, domestic unhappiness, emotional issues, obstacles in undertakings, if planets are afflicted, weak or undergoing planetary Mahadasha or Antardasha.

Jupiter's transit in Virgo in 3rd house for Kark or Cancer:

Jupiter is lord of 6th and 9th house for CancerCancerDefinition: Kark...
moon sign or Cancer ascendant, transiting in your 3rd house (Virgo) from August 11, 2016. The Jupiter transiting into the 3rd house represents courage and confidence, a new confidence level will develop within you. Relations with your siblings will improve. Jupiter has benefic aspect on your 9th house, i.e. Pisces, own sign of Jupiter, the house for luck, you will be blessed with great fortunes.

Favorable results: For some, there may be change in job or even place, due to increase in troubles at work front. Students will have to work hard for achieving desired results. Increase in expenditure due to travel may be indicated.

Things related to love life will improve and, you will feel contented in love or married life due to the effect of the aspect of Jupiter on the seventh house after August 11, 2016. Some of you may get new marriage proposals, if waiting for a long time.

Unfavorable results: Increase in expenses, tedious or unnecessary journeys, delay in undertakings, and mental frustration due to change or increase in responsibility at the work front.

 Jupiter's transit in Virgo in 2nd house for Simha or Leo:

Jupiter’s transit 2016(Guru Gochar 2016)in Virgo in 2nd house from the sign Leo (the house for wealth) is financially benefic transit period for Leo born natives. Jupiter is karaka (represents) for wealth, family, relation with other family members, education and all round prosperity.

Transit effects of Jupiter in Virgo sign will be favorable for the individuals born with Leo moon sign or ascendant, especially when Jupiter becomes direct. Jupiter lord of 5th and 8th house transits in 2016 in your 2nd house. You will do well at the work front. There are indications of sudden rise in income. Your financial matters will improve. You may save more money. You should not worry about financial status. Instead you will have enough money to spend on your family.But you should plan well before investing in a new venture.

Favorable results: Natives born under Leo ascendant or Leo moon sign may experience some of the following results: Influx of wealth, purchase of property, prosperity, success in education and undertakings, comforts, domestic happiness, new status or position, increase of a family member, an auspicious event or birth of a new child may be predicted in the family. 

For love relationship or married life, Jupiter’s  transit  in Virgo from August 11, 2016, will be an ideal period for individuals born under the Leo sign to find their suitable match and  also for those who are in relationship or want to get married but have not been able to find their suitable match as yet. If the progressing planetary Mahadasha and Antardasha in the horoscope are favorable, the nativenativeDefinition: One who takes birth, this word is used for astrology purpose....
will achieve success and experience more positive results in all spheres of life.

Unfavorable results: None

 Jupiter's transit in Virgo in 1st house for Kanya or Virgo:

 Virgo born natives will be able to achieve success in attempts due to the strong will power and firm determination.

Favorable results: Jupiter is transiting in 1st house in sign Virgo. As far as professional status is concerned, you may get promotion this year. Your financial status and reputation will be enhanced. You may purchase a luxury car. Some may change their house or place of work, or even purchase a new house or property. You may get promotion this year.

 Jupiter will be transiting in your 1st house from moon sign. Jupiter being the lord of your 4th and 7th house, your family life will be more peaceful. If unmarried, some of you might get married. Compatibility with your partner will become better and you will experience happiness in your love life.  An auspicious event may be expected in your family due to the Jupiter's transit in Virgo from August 11, 2016.

  Virgo born natives will be successful in getting the desired match, if they are going through benefic Dasha and Antardasha. Their desires may be fulfilled if they want to conceive a new child. Virgo sign born natives who were not getting favorable marriage proposals so far, may find their suitable match after August 11, 2016 as Jupiter will aspect directly to their seventh house, the house of marital bliss. You will feel contented and happy due to increase of a family member.

Unfavorable results: Jupiter’s transit is considered unfavorable in 1st house. If native’s horoscope has afflictedafflictedDefinition: A planet having unfavorable aspect....
planets, there is no good yoga present in the birth chart, disputes in the family, increased expenses, tedious journeys, change in place or delay in undertakings. Otherwise this transit will produce good results.

 Jupiter's transit in Virgo in 12th house for Tula or Libra:

The Jupiter's transit in sign Virgo(mutable sign) is less favorable for you, as Jupiter the lord of 3rd and 6th house from your moon sign is transiting in your 12th house, the house for loss or expenses. You may be confused between right and wrong action. You should maintain good relations with your superiors and colleagues at work front. Maintain your finance carefully to enjoy a peaceful life. Long distance journeys will appear to be more hectic.

Favorable results:  Some of you may go to abroad for higher studies or professional purpose, which will give you good results. You will visit places of pilgrimage and spend more money on religious events.

 Sometimes you will not be successful in your undertakings and face financial problems during the transit of Jupiter in Virgo(12th house) and Saturn's transit in the sign Scorpio(2nd house, which is the last phase of Sade Sati.

Saturn will be entering into Sagittarius on January 26, 2017, will produce good results as Saturn's transit in 3rd house is considered benefic. Saturn will be retrograde and enter into Scorpio again on June 21, 2017, Saturn will finally enter into Sagittarius on October 26, 2017. During this last phase of Sade Sati Libra born natives, may achieve something big before the the end of seven year's sojourn (Sade sati). If the native is going through favorable planetary Dasha and Antardasha, the results will be excellent.

Jupiter's transit in Virgo is not favorable for love, relationship and marriage for Libra moon sign born natives. Only those undergoing through favorable Mahadasha and Antardasha along with good progressed annual horoscope will be successful in getting married or finalizing the marriage of self or progeny, during this transit.

Unfavorable results: Domestic disputes, emotional issues, increased expenses, hardships in professional life or delay in completion of projects, journey to foreign places, problems in love relations.

Jupiter's transit in Virgo in 11th house for Vrishchik or Scorpio:

Jupiter’s transit in Virgo is the lord of second and fifth house for Vrishchik moon sign or ascendant.

Jupiter's transit in Virgo is very favorable for Scorpio moon sign or ascendant born individuals. Jupiter lord of 2th and 5th house is transiting in the 11th house in the sign Virgo, the house of income, prosperity and fulfillment of long awaited desires is forming Rajyoga. There may be gains through business, all round prosperity, change or promotion in job, recognition, increase in income and new property, success in education. You may achieve great heights. Due to Jupiter’s transit in 11th house your income will increase through your hard work. Students will do well in their studies or competitive exams.

During this transit, if running Vimshottari Mahadasha and Antardasha of the planets are favorable in the individual's astrological birth chart, the results will be excellent.

You will spend on marriage of your child or grandchildren, auspicious events may take place at your house, you may purchase a house, visit religious places or may even get involved in religious activities. You may visit distant places or sudden transfer to different place is also not ruled out. Your hard work, positive thinking and self-confidence will help you in achieving your goals, though delay is indicated. You might invest in gold or purchase new jewelry. There may be unexpected financial gains through your job or business.

For Scorpio born persons, the period after August 11, 2016 will prove to be better for love, relationship or marriage related matters, as Jupiter enters in their benefic eleventh house.

Those who want to marry this year, most likely will be able to get the best opportunities for finalizing their marriage. You may be blessed with the birth of a new child, if a deep desire exists. There are indications for an auspicious event in your family. Chances of marriage related to progeny or self, if unmarried and waiting for a long time will be strong.

Position of Jupiter in the horoscope as well as the position of other planets, the planetary periods and sub-periods (Mahadasha and Antardasha) in Vimshottari dasha, should also be favorable in the birth chartbirth chartDefinition: A diagram showing exact position of planets in signs at time of birth of an individual prepared with the help of time, date and place of birth....
of the native for more positive results.

Unfavorable results: None, but Saturn is not so favorable due to Sade Sati affect.

 Jupiter's transit in Virgo in 10th house for Dhanu or Sagittarius:

Jupiter will transit in 10th house (the house for career) from moon sign or ascendant. Jupiter is the lord of your 1st and 4th house from your birth moon sign, change in career or place may be in indicated. You may invest money in purchase of jewelry or a good house, which will give you good results as a long term investment.

Jupiter's transit in Virgo will increase your financial status, reputation as a famous politician or businessman or you will get promotion in job, if you are planning, you will taste success and be able to enhance your business. Purchase of new car may be predicted. Your expenses will increase as you are undergoing 1st phase of Sade Sati, Saturn is transiting in your 12th house in Scorpio (house for expenditure).

Favorable results: Some of you may visit foreign or distant places for entertainment or professional purposes and gain through the visit.

You will do well at the work front. There are chances for purchasing of land or a house. A new job may be on the cards for better prospects. However, there are indications for a sudden transfer, a change of workplace or promotion as Jupiter is transiting in 10th house, the house for career. Jupiter transit 2016 might show you a new way to work and earn a fair amount of money. 

For love and relationship, you may get married or an auspicious event may take place in your family. You may be blessed with the birth of a child or grandchild, if desiring for a long time.  Marriage or some other auspicious event will happen in your life.

Unfavorable results: Your efforts for change in job will be increased due to work pressure, but you will be successful. For some obstacles in undertakings, difficulty at work front, displeasure from superiors may be indicated due to bad effect of Saturn Sade Sati.

Jupiter's transit in Virgo in 9th house for Makar or Capricorn:

Jupiter’s transit in 2016 is benefic for Capricorn moon sign or ascendant, Jupiter will be in your 9th house, the house for luck. Though Jupiter is a malefic planet for Capricorn born natives being lord of 12th and 3rd house, Jupiter’s transit in 9th house will be benefic. You will be in touch with senior people with status which will be helpful in coming years.

Favorable results: Natives born with Capricorn sign will have highly favorable period from August 11, 2016, as Jupiter will be transiting in 9th house (house for luck). Transit of Saturn and MarsMarsDefinition: Mangal...
together in 11th house is also favorable for Capricorn born natives. You may purchase land, a new house or a new vehicle. You will be involved in more religious activities and your expenditure will be increased. As far as progeny’s education is concerned, a positive and good news is in store.

You may be lucky in finance related matters, do well at professional front and get success in undertakings as Jupiter in 9th house has full-fledged power to enhance your status in different fields. Saturn's transit in 11th house is also favorable for Capricorn born natives. If running Vimshottari Mahadasha and Antardasha of the planets are favorable in the astrological birth charts, results will be excellent.

Career or job prospects are bright and there are chances for promotion. Increase in income and financial gains through business may be indicated for those who are engaged in business. Some of you may get new job opportunities. There are indications for career related good change as Jupiter will enter in your 9th house in Virgo on August 11, 2016.

The period from August 11 2016 after Jupiter enters in your 9th house will prove to be the best period for love, relationship or marriage, those who want to get married will be able to select their desired partner or their marriage may be finalized. Capricorn born natives may find suitable matches for their marriage, they will get married or their marriage will be finalized.

You and your spouse may manage to stay together, if you are staying away from each other, due to one reason or the other, for the past few months or years. This is the most favorable period related to the love and married life.

 Jupiter will be transiting in the beneficial ninth house from your birth moon sign or ascendant. An auspicious event may take place in your family. Increase of a member in the family may be predicted. There is an indication for birth of a child, or a grandchild. Marriage of your progeny will take place, or even unmarried will get married. For love and relationship, you should take all important decisions at right time for better results.

Unfavorable results: None. But there is an indication of family disputes and delay in undertakings due to Saturn's transit in 12th house in Sagittarius from January 17 2017, for a Capricorn sign born native, i.e., 1st phase of ShaniShaniDefinition: Saturn...
Sade Sati will begin.

Jupiter's transit in Virgo in 8th house for Kumbha or Aquarius:

Jupiter transit is considered malefic in 8th house. But Saturn is transiting in the sign Scorpio, so the malefic results will be diluted, one may get a new job opportunity. With Saturn's transit in Scorpio in 10th house, house of career, name and fame will add favorable transit results to Capricorn born individuals. If planetary Mahadasha and Antardasha are favorable and this year’s progressed annual horoscope results(Varshafala) are also good, one has nothing to worry.

The 8th house of your birth chart will be transited by Jupiter in 2016. The lord of your 2nd and 11th house is Jupiter. Jupiter's transit 2016 predicts that you need to be fully aware and take precautions about your financial matters. The time may be malefic, as a result you should take precaution before making big investments or starting a new venture. Be polite and have patience at your home or office. Work hard and try to be self dependent with your will power as much as you can during this transit.

Jupiter transit is considered malefic in 8th house. But Saturn is transiting in the sign Scorpio, the malefic results will be diluted, one may get a new job opportunity. With Saturn's transit in Scorpio in 10th house, house of career, name and fame will add favorable transit results to AquariusAquariusDefinition: Kumbha...
born individuals. If planetary Mahadasha and Antardasha are favorable and this year’s annual horoscope results are also good, you might achieve success,though delayed.

Transit of Jupiter in Virgo in 8th house is not a good period for love relationship, marriage, conceiving or having a new child but all the related matters or important decisions for any auspicious event should be managed and taken at right time, if the running Mahadasha and Anterdasha are favorable.

 Unfavorable results: Some may experience dishonor, wearisome journey, emotional issues, anxiety, professional problems and ill-health to self or family. Transfer to distant place is also indicated.

 Jupiter's transit in Virgo in 7th house for Pisces or Meen:

Jupiter lord of ascendant and 10th house for Pisces ascendant or Pisces birth moon sign born individuals, is transiting in Virgo in 7th house, the house for married life and relationship, this  is the best period for love, relationship, marriage and career.

Favorable results:  Jupiter will be transiting in Virgo from August 11, 2016, in the favorable seventh house, the house for marital bliss and fulfillment of long awaited desires. A favorable transit of both Jupiter in seventh and Saturn in ninth house will give excellent results.

There are indications for change of place or promotion in job, gain of wealth and knowledge, domestic happiness, study of new subjects, success in higher studies, all round prosperity and domestic happiness. You will do very well at the professional front. Financial gains are indicated. You may go abroad for studies or better income.

 Jupiter transits in 2016 in the 7th house of your birth chart. Jupiter is the lord of 10th house from birth moon sign (Chandra Rashi) or ascendant in your birth chart, hence the lord of accomplishments. The professional life of the natives will remain good throughout Jupiter's  transit in Virgo(Guru kanya Gochar). This will prove to be the best time for fulfilling all your desires.

For love or marriage related matters the better time starts from August 11, 2016 as Jupiter will be transiting in Virgo, the seventh house from birth moon sign. Those who want to get married may get the better opportunities and find suitable proposals and positively select one from them and finalize the marriage.

Married couples will experience a happy romantic life. And those who are planning to marry will also feel and enjoy the auspiciousness of this transit in 7th house. Singles might find a new love or romance in their life. Jupiter transit will enhance the reputation of all the natives. There will be unexpected gains and success in efforts, excellent growth in various spheres of life in coming days.

Some of you may be blessed with birth of a child or get married if waiting for a long time. For divorce related matters, do not take a hasty decision, wait and be prepared for the right time.

Unfavorable results: None.

Upay or Remedies for Jupiter’s transit in Virgo for different ascendants or birth moon signs:

1.Remedies for Aries : Donate food and clothes to the needy persons.Give food to dogs.
2.Remedies for Taurus : Respect Guru (teachers) and the elders.Chant Shani Beej Manta.
3.Remedies for Gemini : Donate pulse and vegetables to poor or give these things at a temple.
4.Remedies for Cancer : Worship Goddess and donate food and sweets to poor people.
5.Remedies for Leo : Donate yellow pulses and other eatables of yellow color to needy.
6 Remedies for Virgo : Respect elders and offer food  to cows.
7.Remedies for Libra : Care elderly persons as much as you can.Give food to dogs and feed birds with grains.
8.Remedies for Scorpio : Offer Jal (pure water) to Pipal tree, specially on Saturday.Give food and clothes to poor.
9.Remedies for Sagittarius : Worship and offer dry fruits to Lord Vishnu 
10.Remedies for Capricorn : Offer Rice pudding  to poor or float some rice in running water.
11.Remedies for Aquarius : Worship lord Vishnu or Lord Shiva with camphor, ghee and Dhoop- sticks. Do charity to the needy persons
12.Remedies for Pisces : Worship Lord Shiva and visit temple.

 Obstructive points or Vipreet Vedha points that obstruct the power of Jupiter

Certain balancing transits of other planets that obstruct the power of Jupiter to do good are called obstruction points or Vipreet Vedha points in Vedic astrology. We can find these Vedha transit points in monthly forecastforecastDefinition: Predicting though movement of planets....
for the respective signs, as except Saturn, Rahu, UranusUranusDefinition: Herschel....
and Neptune, other planets are fast moving and there will be obstruction (Vedha) whenever these fast planets transit in the houses of a horoscope, shown below the line.

There are 2 sets shown here. One above the line, are considered places of benefic transit of Jupiter, while the set shown below the line are the obstruction points for benefic transits of Jupiter. For example: if a Pisces native has benefic effect of Jupiter’s transit in 5th house (Cancer) from radical Moon, there should not be any planet’s transit (Vedha) in 4th house (Gemini). Jupiter will do good only if there is no obstruction (Vedha) from any planet.

 Jupiter transit in Virgo sign from August 11, 2016  will be beneficial for Leo, Taurus, Pisces, Capricorn, Scorpio zodiacal signs.

Houses for benefic transit of Jupiter 2 5 7 9 11
Vedha points(houses) due to other Planet’s transit 12 4 3 10 8
Jupiter’s transit in Virgo is benefic for sun signs Leo Taurus Pisces Capricorn Scorpio
Vipreet Vedha or malefic transit effects of other planets present in  sun signs when Jupiter transits in Virgo Cancer Leo Taurus Libra Gemini

If any planet is present in the following Vipareet Vedha signs (having malefic transit effects) :

1.Cancer 2. Leo 3. Taurus 4. Libra 5. Gemini, respectively will nullify good transit effects  of Jupiter .

Benefic houses for transit of Jupiter are 2nd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th from radical moon (Chandra rashi), which means Jupiter’s transit in Virgo is beneficial for the natives born with the signs: 1. Leo 2. Taurus 3. Pisces 4. Capricorn and 5. Scorpio.  

Vipreet Vedha or malefic transit effects of other planets present in 12th, 4th, 3rd, 10th or 8th house from benefic transit of Jupiter in Virgo, will affect the above benefic house's good results, adversely, though Jupiter's transit is benefic for signs 1.Leo 2.Taurus 3. Pisces  4.Capricorn and 5. Scorpio.


Jupiter in Virgo and            |     Leo     | Taurus |  Pisces  | Capricorn | Scorpio

benefic transit effects for    |

birth moon signs                |                                               ____________________________________________________________

Malefic transit effect due      |

to Vipreet Vedha or other  |

planets present in signs        |   Cancer  |  Leo    | Taurus  |  Libra     | Gemini

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