Psychics - A Fact or Fiction

“To be or not to be” is a famous Shakespearean quote from the play Hamlet” but, in relation to the existence of Psychics this quote needs to be rephrased to “Do they or do they not” exist. Because for centuries the existence of the so called “Psychics” have been questioned. Although, the question to be asked in the first place is what is a Psychic? The answer is that a Psychic is a person that is supposed to possess and use a psychological concept called extrasensory perception (ESP) to predict the future.

The word “Psychic” is derived from the Greek word “psychikos” which means “of the mind or mental”. The origin of Psychics though dates back to ancient times. And the earliest account of the use of Psychic powers was seen in the Bible. For example according Book 1 Chapter Number 9 in the bible the biblical character Samuel is asked to find donkeys for the future king Saul.  There are also examples in ancient Egypt where priests of Ra at Memphis acted as psychics in the guise of a seer. Also centuries later during the French Renaissance period a Frenchman called Michel De Nostredame a psychic became world famous because of his prophecies.  Such is his fame that even today his best known book “Les Propheties” is well liked, is still in demand, and still published throughout the world.

During the 19th century due to Modern Spiritualism that arrived in the United States and the United Kingdom there came about a belief that spirits (ghosts) could be contacted though mediums to get insights of the dead. There were several such individuals during this period that were believed to possess such psychic powers. One such individual with such extraordinary psychic powers was Daniel Dunglas Home.  As the 19th century and the 20th century began the Psychics came to be linked to what was known as “New Age” culture. During this period the popularity of Psychics grew as advertising became a tool to market this profession. Psychic consultation over the phone, at home, or at psychic fairs also became common during this period.

Now since Psychics are an old phenomenon the real question to be asked is “Does Psychic power exist or is it just another myth”. To answer this question, there have been many Para-psychological researches that have been undertaken with the guidance of the US government. Unfortunately though no sufficient evidence seems to have emerged suggesting the validity of Psychic powers. However there are many Para-psychological scientists that truly believe that Psychic powers exist. There have also been instances where magicians like James Randi, Ian Rowland, and Derren Brown have claimed to possess psychic powers but, unfortunately it was found that is instead of providing paranormal explanations they have only provided physical and psychological explanations.

Since Psychic powers are based on a psychological concept called “Extrasensory Perception” or ESP and, this concept so far scientifically has not been proven to be real. It extremely difficult to say whether Psychic power really does exist or it is just pure fantasy. However many recent researches though clearly state that the concept of Psychic powers do not exist and it is just trick of the mind that has been misinterpreted over the years. Some researchers have also suggested that if in fact Psychic powers did exist it was not due to ESP but, due to the fact that the brain was not given adequate time to process the information. In a survey conducted in 1990 by the members of National Academy of Sciences with regards to Psychic abilities. About 2% felt that ESP had been scientifically demonstrated, and another 2 % felt that the phenomenon happened sometimes. While the survey in relation to research in Psychic abilities showed that 22% thought it should be discouraged, 63% thought it should be allowed but not encouraged, and only 10% thought it should be encouraged. This survey also revealed that neuro-psychologists were the most hostile to this concept of Psychic powers.

So as can be seen it is extremely difficult to state for certain whether or not Psychic abilities are fact of life or just pure fiction. Although what is certain is that “You can hate, love, but you cannot ignore the presence of this unique concept called Psychic abilities”.

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