Psychics - A Fact or Fiction

“To be or not to be” is a famous Shakespearean quote from the play Hamlet” but, in relation to the existence of Psychics this quote needs to be rephrased to “Do they or do they not” exist. Because for centuries the existence of the so called “Psychics” have been questioned. Although, the question to be asked in the first place is what is a Psychic? The answer is that a Psychic is a person that is supposed to possess and use a psychological concept called extrasensory perception (ESP) to predict the future.

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Telekinesis - A Reality or a Figment of Your Imagination

“A psychic ability to move objects with the mind” is how Telekinesis a unique concept in parapsychology can best be defined as. Telekinesis is also known as “Psychokinesis”.  The word “Psychokinesis” was first coined in 1914 by an American author Henry Holt in his book called “On the Cosmic Relations”. This term was derived from Greek language “psyche” meaning mind, soul, spirit, or breath and “kinesis” meaning motion or movement.

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Tarot is also known as Trionfi, Tarocchi, Tarock. It is a kind of playing cards pack that is easy to learn, popular and most commonly used by many mystics and occultists to predict one’s future. The tarot cards initially were created to be used as playing cards in a game similar to modern day bridge during the 15th century. It is believed that Rich families in Italy created hand-painted or expensive artist made

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Feng Shui is a part of Chinese philosophy that was developed 3000 years ago in China. Feng which means wind and Shui which means water is a form of philosophy that helps balance energies in any given space and ensures good health and fortune of the people living in that space. This philosophy is based on the “Taoist” understanding of nature especially the concept that the land is alive and filled with energy or “Chi”.

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Black Magic - A Fact or Pure Fantasy

In an interview to a newspaper actor Adhyayan Suman the son of Shekhar Suman alleged that his ex-girlfriend superstar Kangana Ranaut used “Black Magic” with the intention to harm his career. Now the question to be asked is: What exactly is black magic and is it a reality or a myth?  So to begin with Black magic is a form of magic used to invoke evil spirits for evil intentions i.e. to cause harm.

The origins of this black art can be

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