Astrology, a Cosmic Science by Isabel M Hickey

'A textbook of spiritual astrology' is how one can best describe a book titled “Astrology, A Cosmic Science” written by Isabel M Hickey.

This book which was first published in the year 1975, serves as a useful guide for astrologyastrologyDefinition: The study of the influence of celestial bodies on earth....
students who are beginners as well as those who are well versed with the subject. It mainly focuses on the mysterious

philosophical side of astrology. Such is the popularity of this book that approximately 150,000 copies have been sold the world over as of today. Additionally, the new 2015 edition consists of a foreword specially written by internationally popular astrologer and author of eight books on astrology, Stephen Arroyo.

Thus this popular and hot selling book is useful if you want to understand in depth, the metaphysical features of astrology.

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