Astrological Transits - The Beginner’s Guide to Using Planetary Cycle by April Elliot Kent

'A definitive guide for beginner’s in astrology' is the best way to describe this book called 'Astrological Transits' written by astrologer April Elliot Kent.

This book essentially deals with basic fundamentals related to understanding and interpreting an astrological birth chart. This book also explains in depth how to identify and make the optimum use of positive transits and harness them as well as

how to identify and transform negative transits into positives. Adequate information regarding how to understand planetary cycles and thereby anticipate your own transits is also given in this book. Additionally, this book also provides for detailed information on how a planetary return chart must be read, how to work with planetary retrogrades, and how eclipses must be used to identify major turning points in your life. This book then is an useful guide that should be used by all beginners in astrologyastrologyDefinition: The study of the influence of celestial bodies on earth....
especially in relation to understanding and interpreting birth charts.

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