Gemstones : Characteristics and Remedies

There is a vast scope for the study of gemology, in astrologyastrologyDefinition: The study of the influence of celestial bodies on earth....
and acquiring knowledge about different types of gemstones, through it. Gemstone is considered useful in many astrological disciplines like Western astrology, Vedic astrology, Chinese Astrology and  Unani  astrology.

Since ancient times, gemstones have been matter of attraction, because of the beauty, shine and different colors and were used as studded jewelry, as well as, significant remedy for enhancing the power of planets, boosting up the fortune and curing diseases.

As we all know gemstones have both positive and negative effects, the significance of each gemstone differs with the size,shape,clarity cut,carat weight, color and quality for each individual, one should acquire proper information and know how to purchase and use a particular gemstone and the metal in which the gemstone has to be studded for astrological and medicinal purpose,before its use.

In this materialistic world, every individual or human being has a tendency of never getting satisfied with what he/she has. There are many desires, which most individuals want to fulfill and achieve more with less effort. Gemstones have proved to be boon to them. Varaha Mihir was the first Indian to write about the importance of gems in his classical Vedic astrological text.

Gemstone or Organic mineral is natural, has the following properties:

Gemstones are found in different colors, bright in shining, beautiful in appearance, hard in structure and are long lasting, durable and scratch less. Gemstones are being used for enhancing fortune and treating diseases, as it is believed that by wearing a particular planet's gemstone, it will attract the vibration of that planet and enhance its power to give beneficial results.

Gemstones, those considered precious are diamond, blue sapphire, emerald, ruby, yellow sapphire while coral, cat’s eye and Hessonite/Gomed are semi precious. Gemstones are used after cutting and polishing, as ornaments to enhance beauty.

Individual's wealth can be assessed with the gemstones one possesses, as gemstones represent the wealth. But recently, middle class and modern working women have also started using gemstones as fashionable jewelry in daily use, because they are now available at an affordable price (lab prepared or synthetic).

Value of gemstones differs with the size, shape, clarity, cut, color, carat weight and quality

Gemstones with larger size will cost more than the smaller size. Gemstones are priced according to their availability, those found scarce have more value, while gemstones found in abundance, have less value. This means that the gemstones found rare in number are of higher quality, and as a result, are priced more. There will be difference in value of each kind of gemstone, e.g., ruby, coral, yellow sapphire and the value of a particular gemstone will also differ according to its size, shape, clarity, cut, color, carat weight and quality.

Gemstones should be used according to the ascendant,birth moon sign and the placement of planets in an individual's horoscope.

Method to use precious and semi precious gemstones, their related rulers, signs and their unique characteristics are as follows:-

Ruby (Manikya): Suitable for Leo : - Ruled by Sun, represents health, spirituality, and beauty of spirit(ring finger)

Pearl (Moti): Suitable for Cancer : - Ruled by Moon, represents beauty, purity of mind, innocence and meditation(ring finger,index finger)

Red Coral (Munga): Suitable for Aries & ScorpioScorpioDefinition: Vrishchhik...
- Ruled by Mars, represents enthusiasm, strength, power, creativity.(ring finger,index finger)

Emerald (Panna): Suitable for Gemini & VirgoVirgoDefinition: Kanya...
- Ruled by Mercury, represents brilliance, wisdom, well-being, intelligence, good luck.(little finger)

Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) or Topaz: Suitable for Sagittarius & PiscesPiscesDefinition: Meen...
- Ruled by Jupiter, represents education, universal love, spirituality, generosity.

(index finger)

Diamond (Hira): Suitable for Taurus & LibraLibraDefinition: Tula...
- Ruled by Venus, represents purity, love, luxury, fertility, and marital bliss.

(ring finger,little finger,middle finger)

Blue Sapphire (Neelam): PRECAUTION SHOULD BE TAKEN BEFORE ITS USE. There  may be accidents or sudden loss, if taken without advice of a learned astrologer.

Suitable for Capricorn & Aquarius : - Ruled by Saturn, represents truth, clarity,  protection from danger,  mental peace (middle finger)

Hessonite (Gomed)or Garnet - Ruled by Dragon's Head [Rahu] represents emotional security, wealth, prosperity, protection from danger.

Cat’s Eye (Lehsuniya): PRECAUTION SHOULD BE TAKEN BEFORE ITS USE. There may be accidents or sudden loss, if taken without advice of a well educated and learned astrologer. 

Ruled by Dragon's Tail [ketu], represents awareness, diplomacy, protection from danger, emotional security.

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How to purchase and wear precious gemstones for astrological remedy purpose

Gemstones have both positive effects (increasing the efficiency or good luck) and negative effects (removing of deficiency or bad luck) on human lives. The individual is prescribed different type of gemstone, according to his/her requirements.

Individuals should seek advice from a good astrologer and purchase gemstone according to the astrologer's advice. The astrologer should advise the required shape, size, color and carat weight for each gemstone, as they differ from one gemstone to other and also the suitable metal in which that gemstone is to be studded, as a different metal has to be used for each gemstone. Generally, it is believed that the gemstone, except diamond, should not weigh less than 5 carats, as its effect will not be that powerful.

There is an important point to be noted that gemstones should be worn in such a manner, that they should be in direct touch with the skin. The finger ring should be left open from the bottom of the ring.

An individual should wear the gemstones only after consulting an astrologer or carefully examining power or position of the planets in the astrological birth chartbirth chartDefinition: A diagram showing exact position of planets in signs at time of birth of an individual prepared with the help of time, date and place of birth....
of the individual and also according to the ascendant, moon sign or constellation, present at the time of his birth.

To boost up the power of a particular planet, a gemstone is to be worn in the planet related finger, at a prescribed certain time i.e., at sunrise, afternoon or sunset and only after purifying the gemstone, first with sacred(pure) river water, then with Panchamrita (mixture of five ingredients) and chanting mantras as advised by the astrologer.

It is quite difficult to identify the real or artificial gemstones as they look similar in appearance and thus it becomes the responsibility of an astrologer, to provide the correct information to the purchaser. Astrologer should also tell the advice seeker how to differentiate between genuine gemstones and colorful artificial stones, available in the market and also that they should always be purchased from a reliable jewelry shop or store and the gemstones should be purchased with the natural gemstone's certificate.

There are some synthetic gemstones available in the market, which have same composition that of real gemstones, available at cheaper rates, but they are not that much effective. So one should always take precaution and acquire proper information before purchasing a gemstone.

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