Parents and child relationship starts right from the birth of a child. Most parents are concerned about their child’s development and future. Parents want their child to be successful in every sphere of life and be free from troubles and sufferings.

Parents like to know about the future of their child. They are worried how their kid's career, character and personality will shape up when he or she  grows up. Many parents are also concerned about how strong a relationship and compatibility they will share with their beloved child.

 Personality traits and characteristics of children born in twelve different signs: 

Children born in the same family may have different natures and characteristics, the reason is that each individual's horoscopehoroscopeDefinition: synonym birth chart, prepared with date, time and place of birth of an individual....
is prepared on the basis of his/her birth details, the planetary position present at the epochepochDefinition: A particular period or a point in time of beginning of a new remarkable event, used for making birth chart....
and the star sign of the child. Many efforts are made by the parents to see their child in good health, have a bright academic career, achieve a good profession and earn name and fame. For the same reason they would like to know all they can about their child’s future, talents and abilities. AstrologyAstrologyDefinition: The study of the influence of celestial bodies on earth....
comes to the aid of many parents seeking answers to the questions about their child’s future. Parents should take advice of a learned astrologer, if necessary.

Astrological readings of the characteristics and personality traits of a child born in a particular sign and ascendantascendantDefinition: Rising of a zodiac sign on the eastern horizon at the time of birth, placed in horoscope of a native, as 1st house is most important in calculation and prediction. ...
will help their parents to make proper decisions at proper time in raising the child and channelize his/her talents in right direction and enhance the child’s abilities to achieve the desired personal success.

As each child’s horoscope is different, the personal horoscope symbolically indicates a child's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual requirements more accurately. These characteristics may differ according to each child’s individual horoscope, as the ascendant sign, the moon sign, the strength of planets and their positions in their astrological birth chartbirth chartDefinition: A diagram showing exact position of planets in signs at time of birth of an individual prepared with the help of time, date and place of birth....
will be different.

Parents may also see the results given below for their beloved child born with the following ascendant, occupied in his/her astrological birth chart.

 Personality traits and characteristics of a child born in a particular zodiaczodiacDefinition: Heaven divided into 12 signs, of 30° each....

Aries child characteristics

March 21 – April 20

Aries Child AstrologyIt is challenging to be parents of AriesAriesDefinition: Mesha...
born children, as they are very active, due to MarsMarsDefinition: Mangal...
influence. They never sit idle; even do not hesitate in destroying the toys, though out of curiosity. Each and every day will be a new work out for the parents of Aries children. Aries children are independent, adventurous, curious, energetic, fast paced, creative, restless and born leaders by nature. They take initiative; you will find them direct actions at play, lead the team and excel in sports. You would not be surprised if you see Aries children climbing a tree, jumping from a wall. Any competitive sport will be ideal for them. They are not clingy and would like to be busy in their own world. They have their own way of doing things and are self indulged. They should be encouraged to participate in extra -curricular activities like, competitive sports, physical exercises. You will find that they are often class captain of the class.

If you want your child to excel in all fields, guide and develop your child’s fullest potential, according to the intelligence, intellect, talents and aptitude, encourage each individual child with targeted intention to build up his/her personality. This will significantly enhance the child’s abilities and help him improve relations with friends and other members of society and achieve desired personal success. Parents should be aware of the advises and actions to be taken for their Aries children. This will be helpful in future and have great effect on the personalities of their children, as they grow up. 

Taurus child characteristics

April 21 – May 20 

Taurus Child AstrologyTo raise a TaurusTaurusDefinition: Vrishabh...
child is a difficult task. As parents of Taurus child you have to be tactful. Much skill is needed to convince them to follow your directions and guidance. They are slow but optimistic and sincere, can manage very well with their hard work and can be excellent achievers.

Taurus born individuals of any age feel insecure and need security at all stages. Taurus children like to be loved and cuddled, which makes them feel safe. Some Taurus children are clingy and always love to be around their parents. Some of the Taurus sign born children are pampered and never care for what others advise. Taurus children are more practical, love to have money, as a result they develop a tendency to save money or other things they like. They learn to save money from an early age and if they get an opportunity, they become financially well off.

You have to convince your child with love and affection, which they always need. Be careful he/she is not pampered and behave as an undisciplined child. But they have proved to be very reliable and sensible children, even at an early age, when someone is in need. Taurus sign born children are good looking and very fond of fine and latest fashioned clothes.

Taurus children take more time to complete the work in comparison to other children. Though they are hard working and sincere but slow. As a parent, you will have to take extra care for your Taurus born child and adjust for daily routine and set the timetable accordingly. You cannot expect many activities in a single day or expect your Taurus child to pick up the speed as other children of his/her age can. Taurus children will have much knowledge in science and fine arts. They will love to dance, act and sing due to the influence of VenusVenusDefinition: Shukra...
as sign lord. They should be encouraged to involve more in sports and outdoor activities.

Some of them may be shy, but others will be stubborn and sociable. Taurus children have strong will power. Though they are stubborn but loving and sincere, will make you will feel proud being parents of a Taurus child, if you advise your child to move in right direction, at the right time. A Taurus child should be paid more attention and treated with more affection, love and care in comparison to others.

Gemini child characteristics

May 21 – June 20

Gemini Child AstrologyGemini children are calm, noble and very intelligent. Their intelligence reflects from their face. If their energy and creativity are channeled in proper direction, they excel in varied fields. They are always curious about knowing something and ask so many questions. They have so many queries that you will often get irritated. They are jovial, humorous and very talkative. When they are able to read and write and are grown up enough to take interest, they should be provided with lots of books, computer and learning material according to their age and interest. Once they get required material to satisfy their quest of getting introduced with varied new things, they will be mentally busy and engaged in activities of their interest. You may give learning tools and books on different subjects to let them satisfy their quest. You should try to introduce them to science in everyday life and general knowledge. Try to get them involved in dance, music, drawing and sketching or gymnastic, according to their interest. GeminiGeminiDefinition: Mithun...
born children are good in mathematics and may also succeed in editorials or writing jobs. Gemini sign born children take much interest in fine art.

They are calm in nature and can understand easily what you explain to them and would follow your advice or instructions. They should be given enough freedom to explore and learn new things. You should keep an eye on whatever they do and where they move. Ask them when they return from school, like a friend, their everyday activities, i.e., what did they do in school and what new thing they learnt in their school. It is advisable to guide your child as he/she grows up to concentrate on the career and studies, as Gemini children are very intelligent, creative and energetic. If given proper direction at right time, they will excel in the field of their talent.

Cancer child characteristics

June 21 – July 20

Cancer Child Astrology Cancer sign born children are very sensible, sensitive, emotional, generous, intuitive, caring and shy in nature. They are very attached to their family and would love to provide protection and always take good care of their family members.

They are very graceful and good looking, with round face, beautiful eyes, long artistic fingers, curly hair and fair complexion. Cancer born  children like to play indoor games and would like to play with dolls and behave motherly with the toys, when they are kids. They take good care of pets and plants.

Cancer children are often selfish, very possessive, clingy and aggressive by nature. They will start shouting and even would not hesitate to act as a merciless or cruel child, when in anger. You should be aware of their day to day activities and surroundings right from their early age. They are lovable and adorable children and should be hugged and loved.

Children born under CancerCancerDefinition: Kark...
sign are inborn creative, ambitious, full of enthusiasm and highly imaginative, so they should be encouraged to show their talents in the fields of their interest and they will give the  best results. They should be convinced emotionally and guided in such a manner by their parents, so that they have no hesitation in following the instructions. Cancer children love to save money but whenever they see somebody in need, they do not hesitate in sharing whatever they have.

Leo child characteristics

July 21 – August 20

Leo Child AstrologyThose born with LeoLeoDefinition: Simha...
sign are very bold and have strong will power. Leo children are hard working and self motivated. They are voracious readers and in spite of obstructions, they will try hard to come at first position in the class. They would like to be center of attraction from the early childhood. Leo children have large expressive eyes and well built body. They are bossy by nature and you may see them directing other children for action even when they are playing. Actually, they have knack for bossiness and are usually class captain and direct the action to other classmates. Even they do not hesitate to dominate other siblings at home. They are arrogant and when angry do not hesitate to fight, as their zodiac sign is Leo. Leo children consider themselves superior to others and would like to be honoured and treated as a royal person. Leo sign born children are self- absorbed and do not want to share their problems with others.

It is believed that Leo children are the most confident of all the signs of zodiac. Whenever they are sad or in depression, parents should praise them for their work and the improvement, they see in their children. Parents need to encourage them often by telling them that they are proud to be their parents. Parents need to keep an eye on their day-to-day progress at the school. They should be guided from the early childhood for the career they would like to choose and should be given all the support and direction to help them make right decision, at right time for their brighter future.

Virgo child characteristics

August 21 – September 20

Virgo Child AstrologyVirgo children are of a sensible, sober, helpful and caring nature. They are sincere and responsible and very calm. They are often shy and hesitate to mix with others. Though they are shy and calm, when they come to criticize other children, they would cross all the limits. They are very curious and want to know all about everything, they see.

They would like to do everything in proper manner. They are good at learning and as parents of a VirgoVirgoDefinition: Kanya...
child you should provide them with books, full of knowledge and learning material according to their age. They should be encouraged to learn each and everything they like and whatever help they need should be provided.

Children born under Virgo sign are perfectionists and would finish the work, if started once. They are very good at organizing the things and able diplomats. They are very good managers since their early childhood. Their talent should be diverted to positive direction. You should not forget to praise them, whenever they deserve and give them prize for their work, as well. They are down to earth due to Virgo sign being an earth element. They are of helping nature and parents of Virgo are lucky to get their help, whenever they need.

Libra child characteristics

September 21 – October 20

Libra Child AstrologyLibra children are very sensible, balanced and sociable. LibraLibraDefinition: Tula...
is a zodiac sign of balance because their sign symbol is scales. That is why they love justice. They take good care of their appearance and would love to look well dressed up and charming. They think more for themselves and would do everything to make them presentable. As parents of a Libra child you should encourage your child to involve in playing games and other group activities, like dance, drama and in other social gatherings. A large number of children like to be with them in play and enjoy their company. The temperament of Libra children is moderate; they do not get angry at small things. They are of mixing nature and make friends very easily. Like Leo children, they are fond of reading but not bookworms in true sense.

Libra children are diplomatic. They think more for themselves and can manipulate the things in their own favor, whenever necessary. They take lots of time to make decisions, after thinking patiently about all good or bad results. But these decisions have been proved to be very intelligent. These children should not be allowed to be lazy as this is their natural inclination. Proper attention should be given to their studies. Parents should try to engage them in different activities like, dance, music, art and sports as Libra children may excel in these fields, when they grow up. They may do well in politics also.

Scorpio child characteristics

October 21 – November 20

Scorpio Child AstrologyChildren born under ScorpioScorpioDefinition: Vrishchhik...
sign are strong- willed, more intelligent, versatile, sharp minded in comparison to children born in other zodiac signs and are generally fierce competitors, with their sharp memory, when they are grown up. They are good students, usually make the top position in the class. As these children have an inquisitive mind, they love to solve puzzles and like to read mystery books. They are very adaptable.

They may be very stubborn, possessive, but highly ambitious and are determined to reach their goal. Due to this quality of firm determination,they can be doctors, surgeons, engineers and scientists.

Children born under Scorpio sign are generally most misunderstood and complicated of all zodiac signs.They are independent thinkers with detective mind, have views of their own, may take their own decisions. They have mental ability to read and watch people intensely, at an early age.

 These children are hyper-sensitive, marked with extreme intensity of emotions of all zodiac signs. They are very intuitive and over ambitious. Sometimes very loyal, they can be amazing friends who can be trusted. They can go to any extent to help their relatives and friends in need.

On the contrary, they are deep and revengeful sometimes, hide their true feelings and do not share with other children or parents.They are often unpredictable and fickle minded and can change their mind at any time. Don’t allow them to manipulate others as they can go to any extent for their own greed and benefit.

Parents of Scorpio children should convince and encourage them to increase both mental and physical activities in the fields of their interest, so that their energy is channelized in right direction. More care should be taken in raising these children, discipline should be taught to them from their early age. They should be given proper direction to show their talents in the fields of their interest to achieve the career.

Sagittarius Child Characteristics

November 21 – December 20

Sagittarius Child AstrologySagittarius children prefer personal freedom, as they possess independent spirit. They are enthusiastic quick witted, intelligent and very active children. They are generous, respect and take care of elders from very early age. Parents should allow them to explore their beliefs and views, as they are very intelligent and after looking at all options, they should be trusted to choose the right path. They love to go to school, begin to read books or make friend in neighborhood by their own, which you may have never suggested them. They are always in search of learning something new and never satisfy with whatever knowledge, they have acquired. If they start something new, they are not easily satisfied with the task and the task is not finished, as they will try to start it again in different way. They are popular, fun loving and sporty children and will have many friends. They love travelling, will like to go to different places with their parents. They like adventurous trips, outdoor or adventure sports and as parents of SagittariusSagittariusDefinition: Dhanu...
child you should encourage your child to involve in outdoor activities or participate in such sports.

As Sagittarius children are independent and intelligent, you should never force them for anything. They will argue, if not agree at any point. They have their own way of thinking. The only thing you can do is to convince them patiently.

Capricorn child characteristics

December 21 – January 20

Capricorn Child AstrologyThose children born with CapricornCapricornDefinition: Makar...
zodiac sign are believed to be the most serious and sincere of all the zodiac signs. You may find them more comfortable behaving as adults than the children of their actual age. Children will look like grown up, since their early childhood.

Capricorn born children are perfectionists. They would involve in doing household activities such as helping in cleaning the house, organizing kitchen cabinet, preparation for meals, more comfortably. They will be busy in completing a school project for a long time. Though they are highly ambitious and hard working, they should be taught to be more responsible as far as career is concerned. You should see if your child is not victim of inferiority complex or depression. Provoke your child to enjoy every moment, which can be spent with fun. Encourage your children to play and increase outdoor activities like other children do in their surroundings. See if their childhood is not lost at any point. They should be introduced with traditional rituals as they can easily learn and adapt to anything. Capricorn born children are generally lucky. As these children are very ambitious and once given right direction according to their talent, capabilities, they will be very successful in life.

Aquarius child characteristics

January 21 – February 20

Aquarius Child AstrologyAquarius children are very intelligent and curious about everything. AquariusAquariusDefinition: Kumbha...
born children are always interested in knowing what is there which makes all the things run. As parents, you should keep them busy with educational tools and many books to read according to their age. Encourage them to participate in different activities, like outdoor sports, art, music, dance and drama. Tell them to go outside to play with their friends.

Aquarius children are very social and have many friends. They are very talkative, jovial and make other children of their class laugh, whenever they find time. They keep different from emotional affairs because they prefer personal independence. They are somewhat unusual and uncaring by nature and would prefer their personal interests. You cannot impose limitations upon them because they have a peculiar mind set for a certain type of independence they would prefer to have. They may be stubborn sometimes, if forced. If Saturn, the sign lord is strong in their horoscope, they will not obey to your instructions. They are unusual and you will find something special in them, whether, dressing sense, thinking or behavior. They want more freedom for whatever they do as they are inventors or creators. You should teach them very tactfully to be sincere and complete the projects or work they have taken in their hands before they grow into teenagers.

Pisces child characteristics

February 21 – March 20

Pisces Child AstrologyPisces is the last sign of zodiac. PiscesPiscesDefinition: Meen...
children are the most caring children of all the zodiac signs. They are sympathetic, by nature, care for others feelings and are so emotional that they will come to support others to solve their problems at very early age. They can be seen caring younger siblings or smaller children from early childhood. As they have a very sensitive personality, you can easily make your Pisces child well disciplined without making efforts. The only thing you will have to do is to be watchful and observe your child what he/she does. As parents of a Pisces born child, you can explain your child, very gently what is right and what is wrong for them. As they are highly sensitive, it is not difficult to prepare your Pisces child as a well-behaved and disciplined personality.

Over sensitive, highly imaginative, creative, wise, intuitive are some of their qualities. You will find your Pisces child, as an amazing story telling child and you will be thrilled with his/her self-created stories. Pisces children are very good counselors. Pisces have very sweet nature and make other people happy. They are generous and know how to comfort others, always ready to help those, in need. You have to keep an eye on the friends and the type of his/her company, so that they are not cheated. Pisces children are not as practical as other children are, so as parents of Pisces born children, it is your responsibility to guide them to finish the task in time. Being parents of Pisces children, tell them to involve in music, art, sports or other activities so that they are down to earth and disciplined.

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